Fashion-able: fun spring fashion

In like a lion, out like a lamb. March in Toronto definitely
started with a roar, so we hope the saying holds true and we can start looking
forward to April’s mellower temperatures (so far, though, we’re not impressed). And since there’s only one way to see May flowers, we want to
start by taking a look at some spring fashion that’ll have you singing in the rain, instead of moaning about it.

Rain gear
With all of those dreadful rain/snow/slush messes out there,
it’s important to be prepared for anything. K-Way has recently popped up on our
radar as adorable, weather-appropriate rain gear. The lightweight,
completely waterproof jackets can be folded into a small bag for easy
transport. Find more here. The bright, punchy colours will definitely chase away any rainy-day blues. 

Next up, naturally, are rain boots. Since they’re essential but sporadically used, it’s easy to add some colour to your day
by sporting a bright red, plaid, patterned or otherwise noisy pair proudly through the puddles. Or stick with classic black and rest easy knowing that you can walk around with dry, warm feet.

We especially like this pair from French heritage brand Aigle. They’re new to Canada but have been loved all over the world for years now, so we’re especially excited to get our mitts on them. All of their styles come in a variety of colours – try the Miss Juliette ($165) in a chic, classic black.

This ankle-grazing version of the Miss Juliette boot ($155) in bright ruby red are also awesome – but careful on the puddle depth when wearing these. 


We’ve been fully on board with the re-appearance of florals for ages now (remember this post?) and we’ll keep wearing them, well… forever, frankly. Shameless in our love for pattern.

No longer this:

Image source.

But now this: 

The cheeriest spring colours and prints.

Florals have grown up, gotten a great bachelor pad in Parkdale and are out on the town every night, glass of bourbon in hand. We love mixing colours, patterns and sizes, wearing them on our feet and nails, etc.

Some of our favourite examples of floral pattern mixing from spring 2013 collections: 

Cavelli SS2013
Image by Alessandro Lucioni from

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
Image by Alessandro Lucioni from

Tanya Taylor
Image by Alessandro Lucioni from
We were especially chuffed to spot one of our style icons, SJP, sporting her infamous flower lapel pins at a recent Toronto event. We’ll gladly dig ours out of the back of the closet and give it another spin. 

She’s just as excited as we are about florals.

Something cool for nails this spring (beyond bright new shades and oil slick manicures): A Polish cosmetics
executive has developed a new form of nail polish: the Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel lets air and water pass through it, allowing nails to “breathe” and help improve overall nail health. Currently
available in Quebec in 46 (!) colours, we’re hoping that we can buy some online
before they fly off the shelves. And fingers crossed that the line is on its way to Ontario soon… 

There you have it – now there’s no excuse to not embrace the date on the calendar and get rid of the black winter peacoat. It’s time.


Media Darling: Domini Clark

Domini Clark is the Travel Editor of
The Globe and Mail. She’s worked for the newspaper for 11 years, where she’s
worn many hats in news, arts and life, plus had a stint running the Style
section. Besides travelling the world (17 countries, all 10 provinces and 25 U.S. states and counting), her passions include
baking and boxing. She’s also more than a little obsessed with
J. Crew.

Twitter: @saradomini

Did you always want to be in the media? If not, what other
careers were on the horizon? 

always wanted to be a journalist – no dreams of being a teacher or vet like
many little girls. In grade three, my teacher had us write picture books and then
attend an event called the Young Author’s Conference, where we could choose
different speakers to listen to. I obviously attended the reporter’s lecture
and spoke to her afterward, because she signed my book, “Hope to see your
byline some day.” That pretty much sealed it. Then in Grade 11, as I struggled
through math class, I remember thinking, “Why am I here? I don’t need this
credit for journalism school.” I put down my pencil, grabbed my books and walked
out. (Of course, now whenever there are numbers in a story I’m so paranoid I do
the math about five times to make sure I have it right.)

would you like to be five years from now?

just want to be happy and healthy. Life has thrown me too many curveballs to
pin my hopes on anything else.

advice for people getting started in your industry?

how to tell a compelling story on myriad platforms: newspaper, video, social
media, radio, etc. The best journalists today are well rounded and comfortable
in several mediums. And when you get your first job, please, please don’t act
like you know everything. Confidence is great, and new ideas are always
welcome, but you are still going to have a lot to learn. I’m still learning.

are your favourite media outlets, not including your own? 

a magazine junkie – it’s an addiction I just can’t quit. Obviously Conde Nast Traveler would be at the top of that list. Other than that, I don’t have
outlets I check religiously. I’m always worried I’ll miss something, so I rely
mainly on my Google news feed and people posting interesting stories to Twitter
and Facebook. And I always tune into Friendly Fire on CFRB 1010. (My man is one
of the co-hosts, but it’s still good radio regardless.)

interview you’ve ever had?

I had my first interview with The Globe and Mail, I assumed there was no way I
was getting the job. I was still in university and didn’t have a large
portfolio. So I went in figuring I had nothing to lose, and was my usual brash,
opinionated self. When the two interviewers (it was a total good cop/bad cop
setup) asked me to critique the paper, I dove right in. Whatever I said obviously
did the trick. I was offered the job the next day. Just goes to show you should
always be yourself.

was a little too honest about my prospective co-workers once. (Okay, so maybe
being yourself doesn’t always pay off.) I was asked to interview again,
but this time to play nice. I ended up getting the job, but to this day I resent
having to go through that.

advice you’ve ever been given?

turn down a great opportunity. (Thanks, Dad.)

rule(s) do you live your life by?

honest. Be yourself. Be informed. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Oh, and don’t waste calories on grocery-store sheet cake at work parties.

the most important tip you can give PR pros?

who/what you’re pitching to. Read the section and get a feel for the kinds of
stories we run. If you want to grab a coffee some time to chat and get a better
understanding, I’m happy to do that. That’s a better use of my time that
sifting through irrelevant e-mails. When I worked in the Style section I often
got cat food samples, which puzzled me to no end. Where was I supposed to run
cat food stories? Next to the runway shots?

experience you’ve had with a PR pro? We love to hear about #wins.

I worked in the Style section, I’m sure PR folk saved my butt on more than one
occasion. Recently I was on a trip organized by Jared Rodriguez of Victoria King PR in New York. He put so much work into it and was such a dear, dealing
with all my requests and concerns. And then he had to hang out with a disparate
bunch of journos for a week. Some might say that’s one of the circles of hell.


who have loud cellphone conversations on the streetcar.


Too obvious? How about, standing barefoot on the sheepskin rug I bought in New
Zealand. It’s simply the best feeling.

Marriage Plot
 by Jeffrey Eugenides. I just want it to be over. I’m about
two-thirds of the way through and I can’t bring myself to finish it but I won’t
let myself start another book until I do. Why I am punishing myself I don’t
fully understand.

place on earth?

is an unfair question to ask a travel editor! I am torn between Grenada and
Hawaii. I adore both. And they are both full of plumeria, which I love.
Whenever I smell that scent I’m transported to paradise.


Beckham. I suspect she is hilarious. And you know she has some crazy stories.
Plus, if we became friends maybe she’d give me clothing from her fashion line
for free.

one person in particular. But I have the utmost respect and admiration for
people who have overcome adversity to make life better for themselves and/or

app (or whatever you are downloading these days)?

just downloaded a cool one called Pocketbooth (for iPhone) that lets you take
photobooth-strip-style pictures. It’s perfect for party season.

or ocean?

No contest.

or email?

email. But if it’s urgent, call me. I can’t promise I’ll pick up though, but
I’ll get the message.

Fashion-able: Swimwear

Grab your Karen Walker sunnies, because with our guide to swimwear, bathing suit season is no longer the most dreaded of them all. For when days are scorching hot, we’ve got you covered from itty-bitty bikinis to sleek one-pieces.

Why wear one print when you can wear two? Mix and match with Zimmerman’s two-piece floral-weave bathing suit ($245). The fully padded floral top contrasts perfectly with the black basket woven bottom. Grab a towel – you’re gonna make a splash (we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Bring glamour to the beach in J. Crew’s Islet paisley ruched underwire bandeau tank ($108). The strapless bather has a pretty, neutral paisley print with a removable halter strap. Bonus for busty babes? The built-in underwire offers some serious support for full coverage. 

Look cool poolside in Old Navy’s animal print bandeau bikini top (about $15) and ruffled bottoms (about $15). These simple, classic mix-and-match pieces get a little oomph from the hot animal print and jewelled halter strap. Not a fan of prints? You can swap out the top for a huge selection of solid colours. 

For a little more coverage, but lots of style, Gap offers similar mix-and-match options that let you choose a different size for each piece. We love the pretty periwinkle-purple colour of this tankini (on sale for $17 right now!), and the deep V-neck still offers a bit of sex appeal without flashing all your goods. The bottoms (also currently on sale for $7) have adjustable ties on the side, which help avoid the dreaded squeezed-hips look.

Go get suited up and don’t forget the SPF!