Fave 5: Book/movie crossovers in 2013

season is officially over which means it’s time to let (Ar)go and look at the silver
lining(s playbook): the 2013 movie bonanza begins. Being a well-read group of
ladies, we took a look at some of our favourite books-turned-movies that are
coming to a theatre near you in the future. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Great Gatsby
This is not the most uplifting book in the library. But a hefty number of affairs,
betrayals, and extravagant parties make this quite an interesting read. Why we want
to see it: The great Leonardo DiCaprio takes on Jay Gatsby, the 32-year-old
millionaire who desperately wants to win the heart of Daisy Buchanan (Carey
Mulligan). The over-the-top parties, the drama, the soundtrack… we’ll meet you
there on opening night. Look for it on Friday, May 10 (finally, after several upsetting delays). 

A cult
classic, Ender’s Game is a well-known story to all who love science fiction.
The story follows Ender, an unusual third child born on a futuristic Earth, one
that has been ravaged by war against an elite alien species. He is selected to
go to military school to learn to fight against the “third invasion”. Alright,
we hear you. It sounds a bit… lame. But just trust us, okay? Read it – you won’t regret it. The hotly
anticipated film opens on Friday, November 1. 

If you
haven’t already been swept up in the Hunger Games trilogy, stop reading this
right now and get to the library! Just kidding, keep reading. But then go.

is the second installment in the impossible-to-put-down series. Katniss
Everdeen is back, battling the Capitol with Peeta by her side. Without giving
away anything, the movie will be sure to ignite your own inner rebel.
Catching Fire lands in theatres Friday, November 22.  

The Hobbit:
The Desolation of Smaug
The fact
that The Hobbit has been split into three installments instead of one should
infuriate us. How dare they make us wait to see what Bilbo gets up to next! Three
years?! But the truth is, we loved the first one so much we can’t wait for the
next film. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug follows the dwarves, wizard, and
hobbit (adorably charming Martin Freeman) as they continue their journey to
Erebor and the Lonely Mountain to fight the dragon. Benedict Cumberbatch as the
voice of Smaug is just the icing on the cake. Watch for the fire-breathing
adventure on Friday, December 13. It’s almost got us looking forward to next December. Almost.

The Devil
in the White City
Leo again
enthralls us with his unusual choices in roles. In Django Unchained we saw him
as a malicious slave owner, and he’s about to turn evil in The Devil in the
White City
. Still in preproduction, DiCaprio is rumoured to be taking the helm
as producer and star in this movie about two very different men in 1893. One is
an up-and-coming architect about to astonish the world with the Chicago World’s
Fair; the other is a charming serial killer who lures victims with his
charismatic personality. No film date has been set (yet), so you have plenty of time
to get reading! 

Rave: How to get back up

If we learned anything from The Oscars (and our BFF J Law),
it’s that no matter
who you are,
everyone falls on their face sometimes. However, it isn’t always quite so literal. In our line of work we see all kinds of falls
and blunders and part of our job is to help you pick yourself up with the most
grace and least damage – to you and your reputation. We’ve got a couple simple
pieces of advice to help you recover from your next fall (psst, the fall is a

Plan ahead

The best defense is a good offense. It is wise to always have a contingency plan
in place, should things go wrong.

Be Quick

Alright, you can’t plan for everything. However, don’t wait for somebody else to
notice your mistake before you take action. 
As soon as you see a mistake
or an issue, it’s time to spring into problem-solving mode. In the PR world, we
say the first 48 hours of a crisis are crucial – you’ll want to get ahead of it before
it gets ahead of you.
Get Real

It’s cool man, everyone makes mistakes, but no situation will
be made better by lying about it.  It’s
time to appeal to people’s humanity – it is easier to forgive a mistake than a
mistake and a lie. Communication is
key! Angry people are often confused people. Clarify what the mess is and how you’ll clean it up.

Have a support system

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Depending on the situation,
a good friend, a solid PR team (ahem), or in Jennifer Lawrence’s case, two of
the sexiest men alive can help back you up or see a solution you may not.

Learn from your mistakes

Seize the moment; it is an opportunity. Sure, nobody loves
making a mistake but it is certainly a way to learn. There are very few
memories as palpable as ones full of embarrassment or guilt, and while
that sucks, it can keep history from repeating itself.

Rave: Academy Awards 2013

How did everyone enjoy the Tony Awards last night? Juuuust kidding. As if M’Obama would ever get all dressed up to present Best Musical. There was a whole lot of singing last night though, so you can understand our confusion. We’ll get to that in a minute. Big ups to the FLOTUS for using this opportunity to chat about the importance of the arts.  

So, the Academy Awards. They were long, but what else is new. Host Seth MacFarlane tried his best but it all felt quite lacklustre and a teeny bit misogynistic? Whatever, that is a debate best left for Vice Magazine; we’re here to talk about celebrities. Let’s get to it. 

The Dresses!

There was a whole lotta strapless happening on the red carpet last night. We suppose the Oscars aren’t the place to take a sartorial risk, but this year seemed a lot tamer than in the past. Where was Bjork when you needed her? That being said, there were a few stand-outs. 

Best Actress nominee Naomi Watts went with a bit of a riskier choice with her sparkly Armani Prive gown. The colour and cut-out were just a little bit futuristic (in the best way).  

Charlize Theron slayed us in her Christian Dior Haute Couture dress. The tailoring, coupled with her short hair, was a strapless dress we could really get behind. Plus, it was white and didn’t remind us of a wedding dress (ahem, Jennifer Lawrence). Success!

We were into Amanda Seyfried’s Alexander McQueen gown, particularly the subtle colour and pattern, along with a high neck. Her hair could’ve been a bit better, but all in all, it was a good showing. 

America’s Sweetheart looked damn fine in Elie Saab last night. It was sheer and sexy, but in a classy, Oscar-appropriate way. Way to go, Sandra Bullock. As usual.

We absolutely adored Sally Field’s red Valentino gown. The colour was great, the detailing around the chest was flattering… all of it, was a delight. We almost forgot about her making out with Seth MacFarlane. 

Now, this was a contentious dress. Anne Hathaway seemed to be following the Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar check-list (Pale pink? Check. Satin? Check. Diamonds? Check.) but her Prada had chest darting that could take an eye out. The dress’s real appeal was the back and the double-whammy of decoration — a sash and necklace. 

The Musical is Back! 

From start to finish, this year’s show was jam-packed with musical numbers. Some missed the mark (sorry, boob song), but we loved Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron’s Ginger & Fred dance number. It would’ve been better if they’d done a little Ginuwine at the end, but whatever. 

We aren’t really sure why Chicago is supposed to still be relevant. A song AND the cast presents? That’s a bit much. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked killer, and her dance moves brought us right back to 2002, but next time… maybe a bit more rehearsal time? If you’re going to lip-synch at the Oscars, at least do it well. 

Kudos to the cast of Les Miserables for giving us goosebumps. Actually, make that kudos to Samantha Barks for just blowing it out of the water last night. Is this what people sound like on stage in the West End? Because, buy us a ticket to London, stat. 

Best memoriam of all time? YEP! Barbara Streisand sings “The Way We Were” and we can die happy now, thanks. Also, anyone else notice the publicist who was included this year? Mad props.

The Winners!

“Is Ben Affleck having a stroke?” – text we received after Argo won Best Picture. He certainly seemed a little shaken when Grant Hezlov was speaking. We can’t say we were surprised by this win (in fact, we totally called it), but Affleck seemed genuinely in shock. We’ll attribute his weird wife-thanking to that. 

Speaking of shaken, how freaking adorable was Jennifer Lawrence? The girl looked like she was about to barf with happiness. But can we talk about Hugh Jackman running to help her up after she tripped for a second? THE BEST. Here’s a gif, in case you missed it. 

After last night, we think it’s safe to say that Adele (at only 24 years old) is on track to win an EGOT and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honour. What a delightful human she is. Can you believe that she and Taylor Swift are the same age? Anyways, Adele is awesome and makes us feel very unaccomplished, but we don’t even care.

And finally, KStew & JLaw! Just a couple of besties hanging out on the red carpet. SWOON. (Ed. note: the swoon is also contentious on the fourth floor).

All photos are courtesy of Just Jared

Rave: Oscar Predictions

Hollywood’s big night is just days away – the 85th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 24. As the entire awards season leads up to this, anticipation is high. If you give a hoot about these awards, then you’ve likely got an Oscar pool you’re participating in (we highly recommend entering Lainey’s annual pool for some kickass prizes). While we aren’t going to reveal all our picks today – because duh, we want to win, too – we will share our insight into the nominees and the evening, in general. 

The BFF Connection

Wonder if Matt is jealous of George?

If anything has become evident this awards season, it’s that Best Picture is Ben Affleck’s to lose. Argo has been riding a massive wave of dominance, which is partly attributed to Affleck’s Best Director snub, partly because of the “perfect family” show he and wife Jennifer Garner have been putting on the past few months, and a lot due to his bestie and co-producer George Clooney. Clooney knows how to play the game and he’s been pressing a lot of flesh on behalf of Argo. Who could resist the Clooney charm? Not us, that’s for sure. The only real question left to ask is, will Clooney bring girlfriend Stacy Keibler with him to the Kodak? That would be two trips in a row, a new record. 

Tightest Races

Classic moments from JLaw & Bette.

There are a few categories that are way too close to call, among them Best Director and Best Actress. Also, Best Actor. We know, you’re all thinking “oh hey, who can challenge Daniel Day-Lewis? Nobody.” and yes, you’re right. But maybe, just maybe… Hugh Jackman can rip the bald statue out of DDL’s hands? That would be an upset. For Best Actress, we’re saying it’s between Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva. We love JLaw, but this won’t be her last time at the Kodak. Can’t say the same for Riva (sorry!). Finally, the most contentious category: Best Director. After the high-profile snubs of Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow, we weren’t sure what to think. Still don’t, to be honest. The power of Harvey Weinstein has us leaning towards David O. Russell, but Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee are also strong candidates. 

Locked Down

Shaved head + singing cry face = OSCAR!

We’ve already called Argo for the Best Picture win, but we’re sure you’re wondering what other categories are a lock. While there’s always a chance Academy voters will go rogue and have a change of heart, calling Anne Hathaway for the Best Supporting Actress win is about as close to a sure thing as you can get. Considering Amour was nominated in both the Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film categories, we’re also pretty sure that Amour will take the non-English category. 

Lowered Expectations


After the excitement of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes, we just can’t muster up much enthusiasm for the Oscar’s host, Seth MacFarlane. Don’t get us wrong, we love Family Guy and were thrilled to hear some of the show’s writers were contributing to the Oscars. And while MacFarlane is a talented vocal actor, we always want a little bit of Broadway (i.e. singing and dancing) in our telecast and don’t know if he can deliver. Not to mention, he’s already claimed that this is a “one-time thing” for him. Doesn’t really engender the most confidence. 

Magic Oscar

Please God, let this happen on Sunday. 

This year’s show has an impressive list of presenters and special guests, including the cast of The Avengers (Robert Downey Junior, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson), Barbara Streisand, Adele, Nicole Kidman, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum. There’s so many things we want to know! Is Babs going to sing? Will Aniston bring fiance Justin Theroux with her? How does Clooney feel about Theroux?  Are Kidman and Naomi Watts still besties? And, most importantly, is Channing Tatum going to take off his shirt? 

Rave: Female Role Models

From what we understand, Valentine’s Day is the leading cause of vision boards and Alanis Morissette during the month of February. It can be a nice opportunity to plan a date night, or ladies night but let’s be real: most of the time it is overhyped, cliché, and regardless of marital status, can make you feel depressed and disappointed. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. You don’t need to nurse your post Valentine’s Day feelings-hangover with mountains of pink and red wrapped sale candy*, or define yourself by this Hallmark Holiday. As an office full of fierce, 20- and 30-something women we are champions of the fearless, independent woman. Today, we salute them. Here are some of the ladies that inspire us:

Tina Fey

From head writer on SNL, to actress, to author, to mother, Fey’s list of accolades is seemingly endless. Since her stint as the first female to lead the SNL writing team, she has continued to break gender barriers and bring a feminist voice to the main stream. The message from her success (and of her fictional counterpart Liz Lemon), is that we as women don’t have to choose between career and family life. She blew us away co-hosting the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler  and we look forward to seeing her in her first project after 30 RockThe Nest.

Jennifer Lawrence

We can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a young starlet with ambition, modesty and a sense of humour. Jennifer Lawrence continues to impress us with her down to earth attitude, and grace under pressure. At only 22, she is a two time Academy Award nominee for best actress in Winter’s Bone and this year’s Silver Linings Playbook and has nailed the iconic role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Did we mention she beat Meryl?

Lena Dunham

While Lena Dunham is probably the newest on the scene as far as these role models go, that is not to say she has had the least impact. In only it’s second season, her much-talked-about Judd Apatow produced HBO show Girls has been nominated for four Emmys, won two Golden Globes and has been lauded as the definitive voice of the young female generation. She has unapologetically helped lead the charge in redefining what it means to be beautiful and feminine in our society in the face of cruel criticisms.  

Kathryn Bigelow

One of the most influential female filmmakers to date, Kathryn Bigelow does not do rom-com fluff. She was the director behind two of the most well-known and hard hitting American war films of our era, The Hurt Locker (for which she was the first female to win the Academy Award for Best Director, beating out ex-husband James Cameron for Avatar. Zing) and this year’s Zero Dark Thirty. She bravely faced criticism and controversy regarding the subject matter of her films and continues to thrive as a woman in notorious “boy’s club”. 

Emma Watson

It’s not all witchcraft and wizardry for the former Harry Potter actress. Like her character Hermione Granger, throughout the decade long franchise we saw Watson grow from an unknown awkward pre-teen, to a charming and poised young woman.  Unlike other starlets who grow up in the spotlight, Watson has kept a firm head on her shoulders and has managed a successful acting and philanthropic career without sacrificing her education. 

Also, this:

 photo tumblr_mhowp6jyB51rfduvxo1_500_zps6d2fae1f.gif
Throw your hands up at me.
image source
*You should probably have some sale candy. C’mon, Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. 

Fashion-able: Golden Globes 2013

Have we ever mentioned how much we love awards season? Well, we do. And the Golden Globes, with its seemingly bottomless bottles of Moet and more irreverent attitude than the Oscars, is one of the season’s most entertaining. Last night’s 70th annual show was hosted by the amazing, amazing, amazing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and featured all the drama, hilarity and fashion we’ve come to expect. 

Hostesses with the mostestes – Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

We’ll get to the fashion in a moment, but first we need to give props to Fey and Poehler for demonstrating how to be cheeky and funny, while still respecting (most) of the people in the room (too bad for you, James Cameron and James Franco). Ricky Gervais, take note: this is how you do it without pissing off Harvey Weinstein. 

Tangerine Tango

FASHION Magazine’s Paige Dzenis tweeted “suck it Emerald Green, Tangerine Tango is still happening.” It certainly did look like Pantone’s 2012 colour of the year was alive and well last night, with Marion Cotillard (in Dior), Jennifer Lawrence (also in Dior) and Claire Danes (rocking an insane post-baby bod in Atelier Versace) all sporting the shade. We’d have to elect Danes the winner of this colour battle, with Cotillard coming in a close second. Lawrence’s breast detailing was a bit too distracting for our liking. That being said, Lawrence did offer one of the most quotable speeches of the night (“I beat Meryl!”).

Claire Danes in Atelier Versace

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

Class Acts/Open Backs

In a sea of strapless, there’s something so elegant about Julianne Moore (in custom Tom Ford) and Naomi Watts (in Zac Posen) in their long-sleeved, open back dresses. Each dress featured elegant detailing that landed them both on our best dressed list. We loved the graphic black and white colour-blocking of Moore’s dress – such a far cry from the dowdy outfits she wore in her winning portrayal of Sarah Palin. 

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford
Naomi Watts in Zac Posen

Arm Candy

While neither Rachel Weisz nor Emily Blunt won their award categories last night, they both scored big in the “dreamy husband” category. Truth be told, we’d probably be OK with losing too if we had Daniel Craig or John Krasinski to console us. These two duos top our “hottest couple” list, with Weisz/Craig just edging out Blunt/Krasinski. Because let’s be real, James Bond > Jim Halpert. 

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz (in Louis Vuitton)

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (in Michael Kors)

Aubergine Nightmares

We screamed with joy when Lena Dunham won Best Actress In A Comedy Series and then again when Girls took home the prize for Best Comedy Series. As an office full of 20-something women, we have serious amounts of pride for Dunham and her accomplishments. That may be why we were a bit disappointed to see her in that aubergine-hued taffeta (by Zac Posen). To be fair, we also hated the colour on Taylor Swift (in Donna Karen).  

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen

Taylor Swift in Donna Karen

No Nomination, No Problem

Hollywood red carpet outfits, particularly at big award shows, aren’t necessarily known to be the most fashion-forward. That’s why we were especially delighted by Kerry Washington and Lucy Liu last night. Maybe not being nominated takes the pressure off and allows one to experiment a bit more? In any case, Washington’s sheer, beaded Miu Miu was a show-stopper (we can’t say we were quite as enamoured by her hair though). Liu took a risk with a floral patterned Carolina Herrera and, while some people are slagging the look, we quite liked it. Besides, we’ll take a bold floral over princess-y sequins any day. 

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

Oh Hells No

Over in the “what the heck was your stylist thinking?” category, we have Halle Berry (in Versace) and Giuliana Rancic (in Celia Kritharicti). While Berry’s bod pretty much allows her to wear anything at all, we still couldn’t get on board with her oddly patterned and slashed dress. Meanwhile, Rancic’s ill-fated attempt at goth left us shaking our heads. Perhaps she should’ve taken a cue from Julianna Margulies on how to do lacy and black best. 

Halle Berry in Versace

Guiliana Rancic in Celia Kritharicti

*All photos c/o Just Jared, unless otherwise noted.

Rave: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins’ best-selling, dystopian YA novel, made its silver screen debut on March 23 after much anticipation. We were lucky enough to catch the flick a few days early thanks to our friends at Alliance Films. Held at the Scotiabank Theatre, the Canadian premiere was something you had to see to believe – an orange red carpet lined with creepy-looking Peacekeepers, hundreds of eager fans queued up for a sneak peek and, most excitingly, Gale (Liam Hemsworth), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Cato (Alexander Ludwig) in town to introduce the film (see below).  

Holy babe alert!

We aren’t surprised that The Hunger Games has taken top honours at the box office two weekends in a row, with no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re team Peeta or team Gale – which, by the way, is the new Edward vs. Jacob – there’s no disputing the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is SO badass as Katniss Everdeen. She’s inspired us to wear side braids daily and look into some summertime archery classes.

We won’t get too much into the plot, as we don’t want to give away any spoilers to the 4 readers who may not have seen it yet, but wanted to share some of our thoughts on the film:

  • Woody Harrelson was a pitch perfect Haymitch. Though far more sober than portrayed in the book, Harrelson really pulled off Haymitch’s off-beat persona. We’re looking forward to seeing how his character develops.
  • How cool did all the citizens of the Capitol look? I mean, sure, they like to watch children murder each other on TV, but damn, they have some crazy style going on. We keep lurking on this killer Tumblr for more Capitol fashion insight.   
  • When Katniss volunteers as tribute on behalf of Prim? GOOSEBUMPS. Even thinking about it now, we get chills.
  • When Lenny Kravitz was cast as Cinna we were a little skeptical (and no, not because he’s black). However, we’re happy to say we were wrong! Kravitz’s Cinna was more understated than we’d anticipated… and that’s a good thing. We always like being surprised by casting.
Cinna, Haymitch and Peeta bro down.

Overall, the film did a wonderful job of adapting our beloved book. We’re already counting down till Catching Fire comes to theatres, but until then “May the odds be ever in your favour.