Rave: TV Show remakes that need to happen

Some people scoff at Hollywood remakes, thinking they are unoriginal and redundant, but maybe some things are just too good to let go of. Okay, so we agree some of them are actually the worst but we are really excited about the upcoming Girl Meets World and the return of Arrested Development. Here are some other shows we believe deserve to be reincarnated: 

Breaker High

nanana heyhey!
We cannot think of a single reason why there is no longer a
show on TV about teenagers going to high school on a boat. People WANT to see that. It has all the drama and adolescent
turmoil of your favourite teen dramas, with a spicy nautical twist. Also, if
the original Breaker High helped propel Ryan Gosling
into megastardom (um, Young
who knows what young
heartthrobs a new incarnation of the show would produce?

Third Rock from the Sun

Who didn’t love this quirky fun lovin show about a misfit
group of extra terrestrials with the same mission we all have – to try and
understand the human condition (deep, right?). We believe planet Earth is ready for the second coming of the Solomons.
A lot has changed since the series ended in 2000 and it would be interesting to
watch the original cast reprise their roles to see how Dick, Sally, Harry and
Tommy would fare in a world with iPods and Justin
r. We would love it if Dick
could rekindle his romance with Mary
(even though he erased her memory, MIB style) and bring back Larisa
as Tommy’s love interest. Truth Time: We really just want to see
more JGL.

Gilligan’s Island

We are not talking
about this (or LOST for that matter). It would be cool to see a reboot of this classic
set in a modern era. We’re sure a killer
cast could breathe new life to the archetypal characters in a way that honors
the original. What would happen if a
three hour tour went horribly awry in 2013? Would the professor be able to fashion an iPad out of a coconut? Only time will tell.  
X Files

Guys-the truth is STILL out there. The recent real life will
they/won’t they rumours
about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson got us reminiscing about our
supernatural sleuth pals Mulder and Scully. Without giving away too many
spoilers to all of you who are only now halfway through the series on Netflix (we feel
you), we are dying to know happened between then and now. Plus, David Duchovny’s
hit Showtime dramedy Californication
was great, but the last couple of mediocre seasons have left that cancellation
axe dangling pretty perilously and we’d just really like to see him settled

Supermarket Sweep

If we have to watch one more reality TV show called Extreme Couponing or Help! I Live in a Supermarket Dairy Case
(sidebar: only one of those shows is real. Guess which one!) we might have to
cancel our cable. What happened to good
old-fashioned quiz shows and shopping sprees? All this TV show remake needs is a perfect host – we nominate Dustin
. Until the TV Gods hear our plea, we’ll be stuck running up and
down the aisles filling up carts and looking for bonus prizes. 

What shows or movies would you like to see remade (or left alone*) for our next edition? 
*creepy cat eaters can stay in 1990

City Living: TIFF fun!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Tinseltown is making its way to
Toronto to celebrate the best in international films. 
Toronto’s International Film Festival is now
in its 37
th year and 2012’s festival is showing 372 films from over
60 countries (phew). The festival attracts more than 300,000 attendees and this September’s celebration is promising ‘la crème de la
ème’ of the silver screen with a docket of A-listers a mile long. Get ready
for 11 days of public screenings, parties and events, all while keeping your
eyes peeled for confirmed attendees, including Johnny Depp,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Kristen Wiig and Bruce Willis.    We’ve put together a guide to some awesome events and
celeb-spotting locations.

Opening Night: The opening night party will revolve around Maple Leaf Square with three DJ’s, two live performances and outdoor video screens to
entertain the crowd. 
Approximately 3,000 guests are expected to fill this area around RealSports Bar and Grill, the site for the huge fiesta. Even if you didn’t receive
your personal invite to this party, this will be a prime location for

RealSports Bar and Grill.
Image Source
Thursday, September 6: Chuck Hughes, the host of Chuck’s Day Off is hosting a
special TIFF dinner at
Brant House on September 6th to kick off the
festivities. The event, called
 Chuck’s Night Off, will
feature a menu created by Hughes himself for guests. RSVP for the
limited 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. seatings.

Get dolled up to support breast cancer research at the Glitz and Glamour Breast Cancer Benefit. With hopes of raising $20,000 for research, the entertainment includes a Calvin Klein Underwear Fashion Show and live music from Nights and Weekends, Running Red Lights, CrashDex, Mikky Eriksen, Rob Friday and DJ Rouge.

September 6-16: Spuntini’s restaurant and bar located in Yorkville, will be open for lunch
daily, offering delicious Italian food and an opportunity to “dine with fame”
all festival long. Check out the website, here.
The Drake Hotel is part of TIFF’s Future Projections program, and is bringing in the awesome, gender-bending, crazy-in-a-good-way performance artist Peaches. Her site-specific installation will run throughout the fest, and she’ll be performing live at the Drake on September 14 ($10). She’s taking over the building and we suggest you grab your tickets, like, now.
September 10 and 11: The TIFF Docs Conference returns for its fourth year as a showcase for
conversations with leaders in the documentary field, world premieres of new
films and sneak previews of works in progress. Previously open only to TIFF industry, passes will be on sale to the public for the first time
this year.

We’ve heard some talk about locations for great celeb-spotting locations and have come up with a list of likely locations for great festival atmosphere and photo opps:

Fortuna Ristorante in Yorkville which boasts authentic Italian cuisine. And if you’re staying around Yorkville (which is a good idea), don’t forget to stop by Carole’s Cheesecake Cafe for the best cheesecake you’ve ever had, Sorrel Restaurant which offers casual French Mediterranean cuisine or Sassafraz, a well-known celeb-studded eatery. Maybe you can get a picture of Gerard Butler’s back, like we did last year. #worthhundreds.

Image Source
      King West is also going to be busy, especially with the plethora of new high-end hotels opening in the area. Check out Crush Wine Bar or Le Saint Tropez for a French dining experience or Brassaii for a casual/chic atmosphere.

Le Saint Tropez.
Image Source
And of course, we can’t forget the whole reason for TIFF – great films! Make sure you get out a catch a few, especially those that won’t be opening in theatres for awhile (or at all). For tickets and
schedules visit the official site here. If you have some flexible time, it’s pretty easy to get daytime screenings to even the biggest galas. Make the most of this exciting time in
our city and check out some amazing international movies and documentaries!