Fashion-able: leggings, socks and tights for autumn

It’s official: summer is over. No more smooth bare legs, with pedicured toes peeking out of pretty sandals. But cooler weather (especially this week!) does mean that we get to wear tall boots, leather jackets and tights again. 

On the fourth floor, we’re pumped that this season’s fashion has brought lots of rich colours and sassy prints to standard leggings, tights and socks. Just because it’s grey outside doesn’t mean you have to stick to drab grey, black and brown for fall. We love the idea of jazzing up a simple black dress with leopard tights, or wearing a plaid mini with knee-high socks for grown-up school girl look.

Here are some looks from around the web that we’ll be whipping out in the coming months.

We love the look of bright & bright from blogger Karla’s Closet. Fall demands colour! Opaque tights like these are so versatile and give you an instantly polished outfit. Also, a great way to spice up your fall wardrobe with little investment.

Blogger Fashion Toast rocks the knee-high socks with wedges, saving the look from being too sweet. This would also work with a classic pair of two-toned brogues in brown leather. They’re ideal for those in-between autumn days, where it’s a bit too hot for full tights, but too cold for bare legs.

As always, American Apparel keeps it racy with a sheer version of the knee-high. These would look cute with a mini dress or skirt (rather than… a leotard). If you are into it, the bright tights beneath are also a cool idea.

American Apparel also has some great, rich jewel-hued tights. Love them.

We’re also loving this way of incorporating the leopard print trend: with a pair of luxurious Wolford tights.

Wolford also has a bright kelly green pair that would look lovely with the current military-green/olive pieces. 
They’re a bit more of an investment than a pair from say, H&M, but will wear extremely well and last much longer. Wolford has a boutique in Yorkville at 126A Cumberland Street.

Basically, almost anything goes for hosiery this season. Pair with booties, brogues or tall boots, and people won’t stop staring at you below the waist. In a good way.