Rave: For A Good Time, Call…

With an office full of girls, it kind of goes without saying that we’ll see any girlfriend-focused comedy (see: Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, Bridesmaids, etc.). Suffice to say, when Alliance Films offered us tickets to For A Good Time, Call…, there was no hesitation. We were in! 

Directed by Toronto’s very own Jamie Travis, For A Good Time, Call… is in theatres today. Inspired by Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller’s on-screen (and real life, we hope!) friendship, we decided to put a lady twist on our typical he said/we said film reviews with a she said/she said version. Enjoy!

On Lauren Miller:

She said: “Lauren, who also contributed to the script, plays Lauren Powell. While initially I found her uptightness annoying, she really grew on me as the story progressed (which I guess is the point). And her hair? My version of perfection.” 

She said (too): “I loved her from the start. She was my favourite character – possibly because she reminded me of Allison Williams from Girls…And it’s true, she had awesome hair.”

On Ari Graynor:

She said: “Holy scene stealer, Batman! Ari plays the foul-mouthed Katie Steele and from the moment she came on-screen I found myself wishing we were real-life besties. Girl’s got some damn fine comedic timing.” 

She said (too): “From her retro-inspired ensembles to her on-screen banter with Lauren – she was a great fit for the role, but I have to say, Lauren was still my fave.”

On Justin Long:

She said: “As Katie and Lauren’s gay BFF, this role was a bit of a departure from Long’s normal repetoire, and I approve. He provided the perfect middle ground for each girl’s extreme, and you could see how each could be friends with him. True story: during the film’s Q&A the cast revealed that Long based his character’s mannerisms on the film’s director, Jamie Travis.” 

She said (too): “Two words. ‘Lion King.’ That alone made me love him (and relate to his character). You’ll have to check it out to see what I mean.” 

Dirty Talk: 

She said: “Oh my! Do not go in there expecting a PG version of phone sex. There’s a lot of licking, sucking, touching, truck backing up’ing… you get the picture. Often crude, but always hilarious, the ladies vastly expanded my vocabulary by the film’s end.”

She said (too): “It’s a film that revolves around a phone sex line, if you’re going to see it, you have to expect some profanity. I don’t think it was overdone at all – and it definitely had hilarious moments where the whole theatre was laughing.” 

(L-R) Traves, Miller, Miller’s husband Seth Rogan & screenwriter Katie Anne Naylon.

Favourite cameo:

She said: “Tough call. I’m going to have to pick Zelda, who is Lauren Miller’s real life dog! Watch for a scene with Zelda and Justin Long, ripped straight from Lion King. Hilarious.” 

She said (too): “Seth Rogan! I don’t want to give away what exactly he’s doing in his cameo…but it’s definitely a part to watch out for.”

Real-life friendship relatability:

She said: “Sex phone line aside, I could really get behind the film’s portrayal of female friendship. As someone whose had her fair share of female roommates, I completely related to alternating between loving someone to hating someone to borrowing their leopard print dress. I appreciated that neither character was forced to subordinate their love for each other for the love of man. While the plot included sexual relationships with men, the friendship between Lauren and Katie was heart of the film.” 

She said (too): “This was a perfect film to watch with a close gal pal (which I did). Good friendships can be a roller coaster of emotion with a few extra passengers along the way (read: guys) but you just can’t beat having a bestie along for the ride.”

Watch the trailer here

Toronto residents, stop into Fuzz Wax Bar (701 Queen St. W.) and fill out a ballot to win a Good Time prize pack, including free tickets to see the film! Contest is open until Tuesday, September 4.