City Living: ♫ Man Repeller’s comin’ to town… ♫

When we heard that Leandra Medine – best known as The Man Repeller – would be in town to host a party celebrating the launch of Holt Renfrew’s new blog, Holt’s Muse, a million thoughts flew into our heads: does this fit into our lunch hour (her public appearance at Holt Renfrew on Bloor is tomorrow from 1 to 2:30 p.m.), we hope we get invited to the private party (we did, thanks Holt’s!) and above all else, what the %&*# do we wear to repel impress the NY-based blogger? The blog, if you don’t do a daily visit already, is famous for celebrating styles that women love and men don’t. Hence, man repelling. In short, think loose, baggy, long and layered with a side of shoulder pads.

Still don’t get it? Instead of scratching your blown-out head, we’ve got some tips to help you craft the look. Men may hate it, but we love it.

We’re actually lucky that winter winds have hit, because the number one tip we have to make an outfit Man Repeller-worthy is to layer it up.

Option one: We’re picturing a fitted maxi skirt, a longer sheer blouse (roll those sleeves up cause you’re going to need room for bracelets. A lot of bracelets.) and a sweater vest. A common mistake that layering rookies make is thinking that one vest is enough. On top of the sweater vest, find a longer vest and put it on. Don’t be afraid of patterns here either; if one vest is plaid, even better. You’re almost there. Find all of your old bracelets and watches – everything from costume to camp-made are welcome – and start loading them on. And don’t skimp on the rings. Three on average per hand is our M.O. Here is some inspiration:

Image source.
Another mistake: don’t think that your maxi means you should ignore what’s underneath. Joe Fresh has a great pair of black and grey cheetah tights right now for $8 that are well worth it for a date with Leandra. 

Shoes: no flats allowed. And there are no exceptions to this rule and do not, repeat, do not put on a pump. Stick to clogs, wedges and chunky ankle boots. Before you head out, throw on a heavy jacket. Wool and fur, or vintage, is key to this finishing touch. Et voila.

Option two: Start with a short dress. Don’t be deterred by the weather, summer dresses work, as well as LBD’s. Add a longer t-shirt and a chunky sweater. In lieu of a sweater, go for another short dress on top of your t-shirt/dress combo. As long as it’s an inch or two shorter than your first dress, you’re good. 
Accessories: necklaces will work best with option two, so go for a statement piece and some longer chains. We especially love layering our necklaces. Big and delicate, short and long. Sometimes it is so ugly that it becomes pretty. Don’t forget your rings.

Insert bare legs and ankle boots:

Image source.
Put on a cropped blazer/jacket (Chanel tweed is ideal) and top it off with another jacket that is approximately the same length as your underlayer dress. A trench can work but do not put on your winter jacket right now. Grin and bare it…pun intended.

Leandra Medine will be at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor location (50 Bloor St. W.) from 1 to 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. Follow her on Twitter here.