A visit from…Michelle Jobin

We were thrilled when our friend Michelle Jobin stopped by to tell us all about the new Lomography store that’s opened up across from our office. We’d heard a little bit about this old-school style of photography, but didn’t know all the details. Good thing Christmas is coming – we’re putting this cool camera on our list.

Analogue Love

We’ve reached the point where the latest gadget (iPhone 4, Kinect for Xbox 360) causes endless lineups and a total sales feeding frenzy. Must have the latest and greatest digital device. Why bother looking back on the seemingly clumsy ways of the past, right?  

Thanks to Lomography, you won’t want to count old-school out yet. This Austrian-based company offers series of film (gasp!) cameras that make snapping pics incredibly fun and innately creative. It’s a cult camera culture that promotes ideas such as “Take your camera everywhere you go”, “Don’t think”, and “Don’t worry about any rules”.  It’s a warm and fuzzy approach to photography, perhaps, but also a very empowering one.

So prepare yourself for a little analogue love, Toronto.

That’s because into this tech-friendly climate in a particularly tech-lovin’ city, Lomography has decided to boldly go back to the future and open a Toronto Gallery Store at 536 Queen Street West. Its grand opening event on November 4 was packed with photography enthusiasts and the just-plain-curious, eager to see the first Canadian Lomo outpost.

Snacking on gourmet poutine and smoked meat sammies, guests browsed the slick space that brings some much-needed style to Queen and Bathurst. With 100-plus products on hand, Lomography helps amateurs and pros alike put the emotion back in the experience of taking pictures. The emphasis is on casual, snapshot photography, not perfection. Essentially, a very democratic way of looking at art.

The shop is not just a place to pick up a great camera like the Fisheye2, Diana F+, or Holga and film. They offer great workshops to take the mystery out of Lomography and get the community connected. An extra plus – watch out for on-site picture development coming early in 2011.