DIY: Dip-dyed denim

You’ve probably noticed that dip dyed denim is all over the
interwebs. You can spot it on style blogs (seen
here  ), Twitter, Queen West and more. By now you know we love DIY of all types,
so we thought why not rummage through our closets and give some old denim a makeover? Sure beats buying something new!

Time needed: Three hours

Tools: Denim, bleach, sink or bucket, washing machine and of course, wine.
Step 1:
Cut the Denim.
Start with clean denim of your choice. We went with jeans,
however, denim jackets or shirts would work just as well. 
Don’t have old denim lying around? Check out the sale rack at H&M – we only had to spend $5. 

TIP: The denim doesn’t have to be cut perfectly prior to
bleaching. Perfect the length of your cut-offs after the bleaching phase is

Step 2:
Pour the bleach.
One part bleach, one part water and you’re good to go! This
can be done in a bucket or a sink, your choice. Be careful not to splash while
pouring, it’s your shorts not your entire outfit you want bleached. 

Step 3:
Dip the denim, yo!
Soak the jean in as high as you would like the jean to be
dyed. It doesn’t have to be even or perfect. Imperfections are what make this
look unique and fun. The denim needs to sit for two hours. At this point, pour
yourself a glass of wine and relax! 

Step 4:
Remove the denim from the bleach, rinse, and wash. At this point, you can alter your cut-offs to whatever length you’d like.

Step 5:
Rock your dip dyed denim!