Fashion-able: Blast from the past: the ’90’s just exploded in our blog.

Everyone can think of a beauty trend that you ABSOLUTELY used to love, and cannot imagine wearing now. 

Here are a few that we busted a gut over the other day, on the fourth floor (hey, it was Friday before the long weekend!).
Brown lipstick. Remember the shade of lipstick that was somewhere in between a brown and a terracotta? We do – we used to LOVE Cover Girl’s French Toast lipstick. Michelle was inspired day-in and out by Clueless, and got the idea to wear brown lipstick from Cher.
“I don’t know why I thought brown lipstick looked good on me, with fair skin and blonde hair. I can still tell when I see people wearing it now. Ew.”

White eyeliner
. Why did people wear white eyeliner?! If you have dark eyes and hair, it looks like Halloween. It’s one thing to dot it on the inside corners of your eyes to brighten them up, but quite another to thickly line your entire eye with it.
Christina used to love to wear white eyeliner and she says “I thought I was so stylin’ in grade eight with my oversized plaid shirts, Doc Martens and acid-washed jeans.”
Dark lipliner. Again, why? Not even Sandy can pull it off. 
Lisa used to rock dark lip liner. She refuses to talk about why she did that. 
Hair mascara. Abby: “I used to LOVE glittery blue and green hair mascara. I worked at a drug store in high school, so was always layering the testers on my pixie cut. With blonde hair, a little hair mascara goes a long way… wish I’d realized that at the time.”
Coloured mascara. Several of us admit to having worn multiple colours of mascara, at the same time. Most popular colours? Blue, green and purple. Alana used to love purple Kaboodles mascara. “My friend, no joke, just bought purple mascara. I was like, ‘Why…do you think you need to buy that now?'”
 Blue mascara – yikes!
Glitter. We all used to layer masses of glitter on our eyelids, cheekbones, use glittery body lotion… it’s like we thought we were Tinkerbell. 
What “pretty” make-up did you wear that you shudder to think about now? Tweet it at us: @rockitpromo. Better yet, share a photo!