Yum, Yum: Winter Comfort Food

Brrr! So, it looks like winter actually made it this year. Weather like this makes us want to snuggle in our adult onesies and eat nothing but our favourite comfort food. Each of these categories could have a post of its own (which may come later), but for now it’s all about keeping (your belly) warm. Here’s our round-up of Toronto’s best places
to indulge your comfort food craving.

Mac and Cheese 
We’re not going to lie, President’s Choice
White Mac and Cheese was a university staple and often creeps back into our
roster of I’m-hungry-now-but-too-lazy-to-cook foods. We‘ve broached the best mac and cheese subject before, and still can’t get enough of it.

For the lobstah lovahs: Rock Lobster Co.

Mac and cheese for one? Yes, please. 
Image source.

For the traditionalists: Czehoski.

No sharing. 
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Fried Chicken 

We’re lucky Toronto has so many places
where we can get our fried chicken fix, especially since most of them seem to
be in the general vicinity of our office. Pairs well with the aforementioned mac and cheese (see, we’re planning your whole meal for you!).

For straight up fried chicken: Harlem Underground.

No utensils needed. 

For chicken and waffles: The Drake Hotel.


For a fried chicken sandwich: The County General.

Because everything tastes better between two slices of bread. 


What’s not to love about a bite-size ball
of delicious meat and sauce? Nothing, unless you don’t eat meat, and well,
we’re sorry about that. There are more places than you would think serving meatballs here in Hogtown – there’s even a restaurant dedicated to them – but here are the balls that we find are our top choices.

For meatballs like nonna’s: 7 Numbers

If Rosa was our nonna we’d eat these suckers every day. 

For another white meat version: Little Anthony’s.

Three little turkey meatballs, all in a row.

For balls with a twist: Banh Mi Boys.

Like we said, add bread and you’re good to go. 


Whether it’s split-pea, chicken noodle or French onion, soup warms the hearts of even the coldest icicles. Out of the hundreds
of restos in Toronto that offer delicious options, here’s where we usually

Something for everyone: Soup Nutsy.

Hint: the Metro Hall location is a great spot for lunch during World MasterCard Fashion Week
Image source.

For a taste of South Asia: Ravi Soups.

 We’re hungry already. 
Image source.

For the Francophile: Le Sélect/La Société/Le Papillon.

Might have just drooled….look at that cheese! 
Image source.

The places that have it all 
Can’t decide between your go-to comfort foods? Have no fear; these next places have all your favourites under one roof. 

Top purveyor of all things comforting: The Rebel House

Our choice for the city’s best gastropub, take your pick of meatloaf, baked beans or schnitzel. 

For 24 hour comfort: Fran’s/The Lakeview

A Toronto comfort food staple. 

Post-bar comfort. 

For new comfort: Rose and Sons.

Schmaltz, schmaltz, and more schmaltz. 

Fave 5: Summer Camp Movies

Throughout many of our childhood and adolescent years, the end of June meant two things: no more school and the beginning of camp! Whether for a week or an entire summer, day or overnight, camp was a defining time in our lives. Something about hot temperatures, arts and crafts, the outdoors, raging hormones and a respite from teachers and parents combined to make camp a hallowed experience. A place where eternal friendships were forged, first kisses were had and our attitudes to actual camping-related activities established.

Now that the years of two month summer holidays are behind us, our memories of camp become more distant and mythical. If we aren’t able to run away to summer camp, then the next best thing is to relive it through the magic of cinema. So, without further ado, we present our five favourite camp films. 

The Parent Trap

Before Lindsay Lohan turned into Hollywood’s Problem Child she had a promising career ahead of her. This 1998 remake of The Parent Trap showcased Lohan as twin girls who were accidentally reunited at summer camp. The two then switch places and scheme to get their parents reunited. As you can imagine, hilarious hijinks ensue.

Heavy Weights

Heavy Weights tells the tale of a fat camp gone horribly awry when its management is taken over by fitness wacko, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller). When their idyllic camp turns hellish, the campers plot to wrest back control from Perkis, who is using the campers as test subjects for his slenderizing infomercial. This summer classic was also the first feature film written by comedy expert, Judd Apatow


The inimitable Bill Murray stars in Meatballs, a screwball comedy set at a low-budget summer camp. Murray plays Tripper, the head camp counselor who leads his charges to participate in the annual Olympiad against a rival camp. Challenges include potato sack racing and a disgusting hot dog eating contest, which is available for your viewing pleasure below. 

Moonrise Kingdom

First love is often found at summer camp. In the newest offering from Wes Anderson, Sam (Jared Gilman) escapes from his Khaki Scout troop to run away with the love of his life, Suzy (Kara Hayward). Their idyllic traipse through the wilderness is disrupted by a violent storm and various parents and authorities trying to track them down. Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton round out the cast, but the young protagonists are the stars of the show.

Troop Beverly Hills

Okay, so while this technically has nothing to do with summer camp, Troop Beverly Hills appeals to the office’s Brownies/Girl Guide alumni. Phyllis (Shelley Long) is a Beverly Hills housewife who attempts to deal with her divorce by assuming control of her daughter’s (a young Jenny Lewis) Wilderness Girl troop. Phyllis imparts some Rodeo Drive swagger to the troop, but soon learns that money alone can’t buy badges.