Fave 5: Bands we’re seeing at Canadian Music Week

We love music, and we especially love Canadian talent that not too many people know about yet. Canadian Music Week is creeping up (March 21-25) and it can be overwhelming to figure out which of the 500+ bands you want to check out. We thought we’d share a few of the lesser-known bands performing around our fair city. We’re not claiming to be music critics, so there is no deep analysis or thoughtful criticism here. Just a list of five bands that we like and are eager to check out live.

1. Kids & Explosions
We loved Girl Talk when we first discovered him, so were thrilled to find out that the Great White North has a similar DJ. We first saw the boy wonder (Josh Raskin) perform at the Drake Underground during their What’s In The Box festival, and can’t wait to see him again. His mash-ups are fun, lend themselves to dancing and cleverly mix our fave hip hop, 80s pop, rap, dance and metal tunes into one wicked good time.
Find Kids & Explosions at The Garrison on March 22, 1:30 a.m. (yep, it’s a late one).
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2. The Balconies
Nothing’s better than a cool chick fronting a band, especially one that has a killer voice, good style and serious stage presence to go along with some solid rock tunes. Check out Kill Count and Serious Bedtime to get a taste. If only we could convince Jacquie to give us a guitar lesson.

Find The Balconies at Cabin 5 on March 22, 11 p.m.
On Twitter and on the interwebs
3. The Treasures
We like variety and nothing beats an awesome roots rock band. These guys have played Hillside, SXSW and NXNE already, so maybe not the most obscure group. But, we still bet many of you haven’t heard of them. We’ll be sipping bourbon and listening to the harmonies in Warning Sign and On My Own. Can’t wait for their album to come out later this spring.
Why WOULDN’T you go see a band that poses for photos like this? 
Find The Treasures at the Dakota Tavern on March 24, 1 a.m.
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4. Cold Specks
Our friends at Arts and Crafts gave us a sneak peek of this songstress from Etobicoke and we were immediately hungry for more.She’s fairly established in the U.K., but just becoming known at home. Her music makes us want to hop on a train, zone out and listen to just her crazy-powerful voice for hours on end. 

Find Cold Specks at the Music Gallery on March 22, 9 p.m.
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5. Jaron Freeman-Fox and The Opposite of Everything
No music festival is complete without checking out a band that’s completely different – and this is that band. Jaron is a whiz on the fiddle and his band plays, well, almost everything. Drums, accordions, bass, guitars, clarinets, keyboards and more have all been seen on stage (it’s a talented bunch). It’s a high energy performance and sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Why not?

Find Jaron Freeman-Fox and The Opposite of Everything at The Garrison on March 21, 9:45 p.m.
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Intrigued about our suggestions? Buy wristbands/tickets here. Quick, before they’re gone.