Fashion-able: Fall Must Haves

Although we will miss patio evenings (and patio afternoons
and let’s face it, patio mornings sometimes), we do enjoy the crisp fall weather
and dressing for the season.  Because the
FW 2012 shows seem like a distant memory (right?), here is a roundup of what we’re coveting
for the season. 

Must have bag of the season:

We’re obsessed with the DVF class-with-a-twist Carolina Lips
Satin Clutch. The rich jewel tone, compact size and gold embellishment will
compliment any LBD. 

Must have shoe of the season:

So we realize these shoes aren’t exactly the most new,
however, we STILL really want them (donations to our Charlotte Olympia Kitty
Cat Suede Slipper fund are currently being accepted). And Beyonce
just wore them.  If they’re good enough
for Lady B, they’re good enough for us. 

Must have jacket of the season:

Transitional jackets are the best for many reasons. They’re
sleek, not bulky and much more form flattering. Enter the Dawn jacket by RUDSAK. With the asymmetrical shape, lambskin
details and gunmetal hardware, you can see why this jacket is on our must-buy list this

Must have sweaters of the season:

All our favourite fashion blogs are featuring casual,
printed sweaters, as seen here: 


And here:

Run, don’t walk, to pick up these items. Because before you
know it, Sorels and Canada Goose parkas (gasp!) will be your new wardrobe items necessity, not choice.

What’s In Your…Car?

While our driving practices, and skills may differ (ed. note: Abby can drive a truck in standard. That’s awesome.), we have one thing in common: we all have our car necessities. 
Here are some of the quirky staples the gang on the fourth floor keep in the trunk, glove compartment and wherever else we can safely store ‘em. There are some of our top picks: 
Crest Whitestrips: A 30-minute morning drive to work with no oral disruption equals a whitening and (en)lightening experience.
    Two pairs of sunglasses: Never know when you’ll need an extra pair. 
    Pocket change: Vital for quick and efficient drive-thru trips and meters. 
    A ‘just in case’ kit: High heels, Band-Aids, Brush-ups and a notepad and paper.  
    Soccer ball: You never know when the chance for a game of pickup might arise.


    A bag of almonds for emergencies (it’s a snack that doesn’t melt or freeze) and great CD’s. It’s an old-school way to always have killer tunes in the whip. 


    Reactine in the glove box. Sometimes allergies hit out of nowhere, making it difficult to see where you’re going through watery eyes. 
    Quick dry nail polish: That’s what rush hour is for.

What are your car must-haves? Tweet us @rockitpromo.