Photo Friday: Happy Movember!

It’s finally here, the one month that men wait all year for – the month they can finally let their facial hair roam free on their faces, in honour of Movember. We think it’s pretty great that a charity and awareness campaign has managed to grab hold so tightly of everyone. Guys like to grow a ‘stache and girls like to complain about it (while secretly sort of… enjoying). 

In honour of this great month-long hairy crusade, we’ve curated a collection of our favourite moustaches, and added a special photo at the end.

*Psst: Movember isn’t just about growing the bushiest moustache, it’s also actually about raising funds for male prostate cancer research and mental health issues. Make a donation here.

A classic moustache – Gregory Peck.

Brad with a ‘stache? Always.

Whoever this dude is….kudos.

Perhaps one of the greatest moustaches of our generation.

Another handsome mouth brow from our time.

Impressive form.

Yes, we ARE ready to rumble.

Charlie’s quirky ‘stache.
Perhaps the most famous Canadian mo.
Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.
(Like this moustache)
Image source.

Serious soup strainer.

Frida down to the hair.

Jules has got some impressive facial growth.

A more permanent (and unisex!) option.

When leading men were manly.

Happy Movember! 
(Apparently we take moustaches REALLY seriously).


Fashion-able: The Halloween Mustache

It’s one of our favourite days of the year – the day when we can wear whatever we want and eat candy without judgement. 

We’re big fans of costumes, especially those that require a little brain power to come up with (costume puns are the best). But for those of you that have procrastinated and left the costume to the absolute last minute, here is a quick solution – the Hallowee’n ‘stache. Everyone loves a good mustache, right?

This is a super easy DIY project and, like Jen Loves Kev, you can use this party trick to make photos from any occasion a little more fun. All you will need is:

Black bristol board
Shish kabob sticks (you will need one for each mustache you make)
Pen or pencil

Start off the mustache-making by tracing a 1/2 inch curved swoosh (almost like an XL-sized Nike swoosh) on a pre-cut 3” x 2 ” piece of black bristol board. Cut the outline of the swoosh, and then fold into the remaining half of the bristol board piece. Trace the cut out pattern on to the bristol board, unfold the piece and cut out new traced part. 

This is where you would trace the swoosh on the other side of the bristol board, making it a full mustache. 

This will make both ends of the mustache even, like pictured above. Once you’ve traced your desired ‘stache pattern, keep using the first template to trace more mustaches and replicate them.

Next, take the shish kabob sticks, and attach them to the mustaches. Using small pieces of tape, attach the sticks to one side of the mustache. Stick placement is important – off to the side is best. 

Make sure you secure the shish kabob stick securely to prevent any accidents

As you can tell, we love a good ‘stache On The Fourth Floor. Have a very Happy Halloween!