City Living: Kids birthday parties for adults

So long crowded bars, long lines and expensive
dinners. We’re bringing back old school birthday party ideas. We recently attended
a “trampoline dodgeball” birthday that brought us right back to the good old
days of pizza, pop and party rooms. While there was no alcohol in sight, it was one of the more memorable and fun nights we’ve
shared with friends in a while. It’s true – you can have a great time without drinking. 

If you’re stumped for your next
birthday and want to do something a little out of the box, we’ve compiled a list of kids birthday party ideas for adults. Get your friends on board and throw the party of the year.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
45 Esandar Dr., Toronto

Grab your shorts, t-shirt and sweat band, if you have one, because things are going to get intense. An hour straight of trampoline dodgeball is both incredible fun and a serious work out. Each group is given an hour on a court, complete with a ref and whistle. After the game (and lots of water) the party room is all yours and comes with pizza and unlimited pop (yes!). And if you have the energy and are so inclined, there happens to be the Amsterdam brewery next door to keep the party going. 

Note: Remember to bring socks, since you’re required to wear special Sky Zone shoes while trampolining. Don’t want to put your dogs in a shoe that’s been made pre-sweaty for you by someone else. *shudder*

Get some major air and really put some fire behind that ball.

1980 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough
1224 Dundas Street East, Mississauga

If the idea of being chased around in the dark by laser guns doesn’t freak you out, then Laser Quest is another great option for a grown-up birthday party. Bring back those sweet feelings of victory with an all-time high score. You’ll be impressed with your improved aim, patience and strategy skills that you’ve developed while sitting in your cube every day and using a mouse for eight hours.

Laser tag – show those kids how it’s done.

5429 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke

Ok, so the fact that bowling and drinking go hand-in-hand doesn’t really fit in with the kid theme, it’s a nostalgic activity nonetheless. Get really crazy and go for a round of cosmic bowling. Remember to wear your all-white outfit to get the most out of the black lights. Who doesn’t love a black light still?

Typos aside, bowling is still an amazing group birthday party activity.

279 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Located in the east end of the Danforth, The Clay Room is a great option for a relaxed and artsy birthday party. They even have adult painting parties, where a room can be booked for a minimum of eight people, so you and your grown up friends can paint your very own flower pots, mugs or dinner plates to your heart’s content. Bring-your-own food and beverages are welcome. 

Have a chill, creative birthday party with your best friends, and take home a memento.

Mysteriously Yours
2026 Yonge Street, Toronto

Have you ever gone to dinner with your friends and found the conversation a little lacking? Fear boredom no more with Mysteriously Yours, the dinner theatre where anything can happen (hint: it’s usually a murder). Now you are part of the interactive mystery, trying to figure out whodunit while enjoying some delicious food. At the end, guess who did it correctly and win prizes! Now playing…

99 Rathburn Road W., Mississauga

As the ultimate place to play, Playdium has no shortage of activities. From a batting cage, to Dance Dance Revolution, there’s something for everyone. It will still cost you the same amount of money as an all-night rager (this stuff ain’t cheap) but at least you won’t have a hangover the next day, and will remember all your sweet moves on the Dance (Dance Revolution) floor.

Medieval Times
10 Dufferin St., Toronto

If chivalry, rivalry and revelry is more your thing (and really, who isn’t into that?), then you’ve gotta head to Medieval Times. You may have heard some buzz about this recently – the XX-year old dinner theatre hotspot recently revamped it’s menu and program, resulting in a more exciting show. Which gallant knight will eventually come out on top and win the hand of his fair lady? Book a reservation now to find out. You can indulge in as much delicious roast chicken and beer as you can handle without cutlery. Awesome. Hint: upgrade to the Royalty Package and get VIP seating, knight’s cheering banner and behind-the-scenes DVD. Because, why not?