Fave 5: Places to buy swimsuits

Much like sunglasses, the guidelines for the perfect trendy-yet-flattering swimsuit are fairly generous. Over the years it has generally been the patterns and details that have changed and evolved while the shapes and structures have remained basically the same. We all know that different shapes work for different body types, so whether it’s a classic triangle bikini, bandeau or high waisted short shorts you’re after, here are our five favourite shops to find the perfect swimsuit. 

The Narwhal 8 Price St. 
Let’s start with some of the most incredible bikinis we’ve seen in a while. While the Narwhal is not strictly a swimsuit store, they do carry Mara Hoffman swimwear, need we say more? The bright and vibrant patterns as well as the flattering shapes of her swimsuits make us wish every day was a beach day.

We love the simple shapes with bold patterns.
Ah, to be at the beach…

Sandpipers 87 Yorkville Ave. & 2580 Yonge St.
With locations both downtown and uptown, Sandpipers is a convenient one-stop shop for all things swim. With over 15 brands including Vix, Australian designer Sea Folley and Agua Bendita, there is sure to be a bather for every body shape and occasion. 

Crazy patterns from Agua Bendita.
A classic Vix L.B.B (Little Black Bikini).

Victoria’s Secret Eaton Centre & Yorkdale Mall
Ever since we can remember, we have been loyal Victoria’s Secret swimsuit customers. The endless options, quick shipping and great sales made ordering from them a no-brainer. So imagine our delight when Victoria’s Secret opened in Toronto! Usually when American stores open up north of the border, prices seem to sky rocket. Luckily this was not the case here. Mix and match away, each piece costs as little as $15. 

A couple of our favourite new arrivals at Victoria’s Secret.

If you haven’t yet scoped out the bathing scene at H&M we suggest you go… right now. Much like most of the highly coveted pieces at H&M, the shelf life of these stylish pieces is pretty much non-existent. With bottoms for $5.95, grab as many as you can and you will have a new combination for every occasion this summer. 

Great as sets or as mix and match pieces. We can’t wait to see what H&M has to offer next. 

With all this talk of swimsuits we’re thinking we better hit up the gym. Summer is just around the corner and we plan on being bikini ready.