Rants and Raves: Oceans vs. Lakes

Summertime and the living is… outdoors. Long weekends, trips to the cottage and backyard barbeques with friends and family really make summer Canada’s most popular season. This week, we had some inner office debate about waterfront lounging, which brings us to our most recent Rant and Rave: Lakes vs. Oceans. Surf and sand go up against docks and still water. The ladies that grew up on Canada’s coasts were firmly on the side of oceans, while those of us who grew up in lake-loving Ontario preferred freshwater.

The Ocean

Pensive by the ocean

– Salty sea water does wonders for beachy hair waves, heals wounds and makes your tan glow. Plus, beer tastes better on the beach.
– Sand provides an instant pedicure and can easily be moulded into the perfect beach chair, killer sand castle creation or hilarious burying hole.
– Watching the sun set over the water is pretty special when there’s nothing but blue as far as the eye can see.
– Canada has some of the world’s most beautiful coasts (especially Nova Scotia and British Columbia)
– Tides are pretty magical. Low tide makes for a lovely beach walk, and the tide pools left behind are an amazing glimpse into sea life. High tide is great for water fun like surfing, boogie boarding or sailing.

Tide pool at Peggy’s Cove

– Sand in your bikini bottoms. Exfoliates, but sucks.
– Jellyfish. They sting (and the common remedy is to pee on the affected area).
– Salty water can ruin a new colour job on your ‘do, and dry out your skin.
– Scary thoughts of the big, toothy sea creatures that lurk below the surface.
– Tides can steal beach toys and flip flops if you aren’t careful.

The Lake

Lake Huron

– You don’t have to be on a coast to find a gorgeous lake. Some are even smack dab in the middle of our city.
– There’s nothing like jumping off a dock or rock into the water after a long week in the office. Beer tastes great on a dock too!
– Water skiing and tubing are two of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon.
– Ontario has a gorgeous array of lakes dotting the province. We love Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, Lake Joseph in Muskoka and Canoe Lake in Algonquin (to name just a few!).

– Leeches. They are dirty blood suckers.
– You can’t really surf on the lake, unless you are nuts and go mid-winter.
– Stepping on gross lake weeds on the bottom.
– Hot summer evenings near the lake = masses of mosquitoes.
– Muskrats, otters and beavers. They’ll get you.

A Canadian muskrat. He doesn’t look so scary!

What do you like better?

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