Rave: Tron: Legacy

Not all of us on the fourth floor have seen the original 1982 Tron (some of us weren’t even born yet!). But our respective boyfriends, fiancés and husbands have all been excited about Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures’ Tron: Legacy for the past year or so – ever since it was announced. So when Barb at Disney generously offered us tickets to an early screening, we were naturally curious and excited to see what all the fuss is about.

The verdict? Go see it on the big screen. It is the coolest-looking movie that we’ve seen since Avatar.

In case you aren’t familiar with the original, which starred a very dapper young Jeff Bridges, computer programmers create an alternate virtual world that real people can enter. There are battles, neat graphics (for the time) and ultimately good (Kevin Flynn) triumphs over evil (Ed Dillinger). The new version does a decent recap for those who haven’t seen the original.

In the 2010 continuation, Kevin Flynn’s company has grown into an ultra-successful computer corporation, but he disappeared years ago. His son, Sam, has no idea where his father went when he was a boy, and believes he died. Sam eventually enters the same virtual world his father helped create and discovers a place far more advanced and dangerous, where his father is living, unable to make it back to the real world because of his nemesis, Clu.

The coolest parts of the flick are the amazing special effects and graphics. The virtual world is scary and dark, with streaks of neon colour and beautiful “programs” (computer programs that look like people). The whole thing reminded us of an apocalyptic place, where programs fight life-or-death gladiator battles against each other, with super-advanced vehicles and discs. Life in this world is pretty bleak.

The graphics are so well-done that we didn’t realize until about halfway through that the main villain, Clu, is actually a computer simulation of Jeff Bridges with his voice (seriously, didn’t realize). The Daft Punk soundtrack is killer and the techno beats are perfectly paired with the fight and party scenes.

Two of our favourite parts? The first series of battles that Sam Flynn fights against programs. The fights left us on the edge of our seats, and dazzled by the streaking neon lights and sticks that turn into lightcycles (like motorcycles, but cooler).

Our second favourite scene is a party in a club – bluish-white floors, lights and clothing, gorgeous people (well, programs), and wicked club music by Daft Punk. The duo make a cameo in the movie as masked DJs spinning the beats.

There are some cool fashion and decor moments as well. We especially love this look – the sleek platinum bun and super smokey eyes are hot.

Oliva Wilde is great as Sam’s love interest, Quorra. We’re fans of her jet-black asymmetrical bob.

If you have someone in your life who wants to see this, but you were on the fence – go! It needs to be seen on a big screen to fully appreciate it, and is well worth the price of admission. Opens today in theatres.