Fashion-able: P.S. I Made This, the fur bootie

Erica Domesek sees it, likes it and makes it. As creator of the hit blog, P.S. I Made This, Domesek has started a DIY fashion revolution. She has made Chanel-inspired SS11 runway earrings, Louis Vuitton-like bow topped pumps and her own Cartier’s Charity Love bracelets.  Erica Domesek is one crafty fashion girl.

And so it begs the question: can those of us without Parsons design degrees pull off runway-inspired DIY projects?

P.S. We’re gonna try.

Read on, as rock-it promotions investigates. We’re tackling the fur bootie.

Such a task requires a little arty touch, some hot glue and a girl with a faux fur obsession. If there was ever such a girl, it’s our intern Carly. She not only knows her way around a glue gun, but her love of fur is so great, she almost purchased a pair a fur combat boots. Note: she would be wearing them now if her friends hadn’t threatened to cut off all contact.
Here is her crafty tale: 

It begins with me sitting looking pretty, and mentally preparing for the task ahead.

Here are all the supplies needed to make runway inspired fur boots. I’ve got fur (veggies and vegans, it’s faux, I swear), my chic and handy pink glue gun, my mother’s chicken cutters, and my latest Target purchase, my brand new socks. 

Step 1: Cut the feet off the socks. FYI: this picture was staged. I am left-handed and was unable to cut with right-handed meat scissors. Lefties taking on this project should be sure to have an intern (or mother) on hand to do the dirty work.

Step 2: Cut the fur to match the length of the sock.

Step 3: Get glue gunning. Left, right or ambidextrous, glue gunning is easy for all.

Step 4: Glue fur, place sock and fold. Ta da! You have made your very own furry boots.

Step 5: Put them on and show them off.

Step 6: Enjoy them while they last, because they don’t last long. See the fur clumps beside me for details. 
Step 7: Start cleaning. These things shed big time, and your floor will be covered in black fur. It is unlikely hypoallergenic.

The end result? Easy, quick and good-looking. However, just using a glue gun is not enough to keep the fur on the socks. Better to have some back up with a needle and thread (or, aforementioned mother to reinforce for you).  

Special thanks goes out to my photographer (Dad), intern and clean-up duty (Mom) and of course, Erica Domesek.