Yum, yum: Spiced Tilapia Sandwich with Onion Salad

Summer screams for barbecue: greasy, juicy burgers, creamy potato salad and bright yellow ears of corn slathered with butter and a generous helping of salt. The thought of all of those tasty dishes makes our arteries clog! Oh, how deathly delicious. 
We recently picked up a copy of Canadian Living’s The Barbecue Collection to expand our grilling repertoire. With this hit of inspiration, we are in full force planning backyard bashes and cozy cook-outs. 
We tried out this tilapia sandwich recipe first, since it sounded delicious and seemed pretty easy to make. Coming in at 480 calories, the sandwich will not only satiate your taste buds, but it’s also waistline friendly (as long as you stick to a salad as a side instead of chips or something creamy). A great choice after a summer of indulging in burgers, chicken wings, beer and other high calorie treats.
Spiced Tilapia Sandwich with Onion Salad

1 tsp paprika
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp each salt and pepper
½ tsp cayenne pepper
4 tilapia or catfish fillets, each 6 oz/175 g
4 tsp olive oil
8 slices of thickly cut bread or buns*

*We hit up a local bakery for some soft artisan buns.
Onion Salad
1 cup thinly sliced white or sweet onion
1 tsp salt
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley
4 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
½ tsp paprika
Tahini Yogurt Sauce
¼ cup plain yogurt*
3 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp lemon juice
¼ tsp ground cumin
½ tsp hot pepper sauce
*we substituted Greek yogurt for plain. It’s thicker and packs a protein punch.
Onion Salad
Toss onion with 1 tsp salt; let stand for 20 minutes.
Using hands, squeeze out moisture: rinse under cold water and drain, pressing to remove excess moisture.
Toss together onions, parsley, lemon juice, oil, paprika and pinch salt.
Tahini Yogurt 
Mix together yogurt, tahini, lemon juice, cumin and hot pepper sauce.
Mix together paprika, coriander, cumin, salt, pepper and cayenne; sprinkle all over fish.
Brush with oil. Grill on greased grill over medium-high heat, turning once until fish flakes easily, about 6 minutes.

Serve on bread with Tahini Yogurt Sauce and Onion Salad.

Media, Darling: Laura Serra

We’re so excited to have Laura Serra On The Fourth Floor as our Media, Darling today.

I am the mother of the most beautiful tawny, green-eyed Chihuahua named Chloe. For work, I cover parties for the Globe and Mail (@GlobeParties) so be nice to me or I’ll put an unflattering photo of you in the paper or, God forbid, not feature your photo at all (just kidding :P). 

I’m also the Head Mistress, Whip-Cracker and Founder of Paws for the Cause (@pawsforthecause) – we dress up dogs and throw fun parties to raise money for sick animals. By “we” I mean the Paws committee, which is made up of my closest friends and respected colleagues, who also happen to be the smartest, prettiest, coolest people on the planet. This year, WE established a Paws for the Cause scholarship at the University of Guelph for a vet student and this is my most prized life accomplishment to date. 

Twitter: @lauraserra

What was your favourite class in high school? Why?

English Literature. Everyone in my family is an English major and my mom is even a high school English teacher so I probably didn’t have a choice. I like words more than numbers. I’m also excellent at bullshitting so essay writing came naturally.

How did you get your start?
A few years ago, an extremely wise woman named Sue Grimbly let me cover a party for The Globe and Mail. Pretty soon my uncanny ability to drink mediocre red wine and generate small talk was undeniable.

If you weren’t a Media, Darling, what would you be doing right now?
Crying, obviously. Or, probably having inappropriate relations with a bearded 20-something student as a professor of modernist literature at a B-class university.

Pitching or follow up: Phone or email?
I don’t even know the password to my work voicemail.

We know irrelevant pitches, calling you the wrong name and eight follow-ups are no-no’s; what else should publicists avoid doing?

Writing emails more than one paragraph long.

Hiding the time and date of an event at the bottom of the email.

Sending emails more than 1MB in size.

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset – I usually fall asleep just before sunrise.

I wear Chanel Bleu for men but my favourite scent to smell on a man is Gucci Pour Homme.

I’m savoury over sweet but if I have to, I choose regular ol’ chocolate chip.

Pale pink peonies.

Only on my right hip bone.

Shower or bath?

Usually bath then shower – relax, then wash hair. I know, I know, water usage, blah blah blah.

Les Invasions Barbares is my go-to answer for the favourite film question and yes, of course, I’m a cliché and love Wes Anderson stuff. What you don’t know is that my guilty pleasure movie is Fever Pitch because I love Jimmy Fallon and I love the Boston Red Sox stories about the curse of the bambino and the bloody sock. But mostly, I love it when Jimmy Fallon’s character says to Drew Barrymore’s, “You do this thing… it’s so cute, I wanna kill myself.”

This guy on Twitter who I’ve never met, one of my ex-boyfriends, Ryan Gosling and Fabrizio Moretti.

First job?
Cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart when I was in Grade 9. God, I loved being a cashier and I was so good at it! I still remember the code for an in-store bottled water special – 1042876493.

The usual suspects: art, photography and fashion. But also: my parents, a good conversation, surprises, and love. I had trouble answering this question so I asked my friend Maggie, who knows me better than I do, and she said, “Fashion, Chloe and your friends.” So, I guess I’m on the right track.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend

We would like to wish you a very safe and happy long weekend. Thank you Queen Victoria for giving us our first long weekend of the summer, a.k.a. summer’s unofficial kick-off.

Our top five things we packed for the weekend:

Sunscreen (one can always hope).
A case of beer.
Umbrella (let’s face it – it always rains on this weekend. Especially if you go camping).
Friends and significant others.
Image source
We hope you enjoy the holiday.

Bisou bisou from the fourth floor. xx

Do Me A Solid: Powerball 13: The Thirteenth Floor

It’s that time of year again for Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Canada’s leading contemporary art gallery, will host guests as they enter Power Ball 13: The Thirteenth floor. This legendary party raises funds every year for The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, and is known as one of the quirkiest, most fun parties in town.

On Thursday, June 16, Power Ball brings a world of mystery and intrigue; a place where no one has been before. Party-goers can shake their money makers alongside Canada’s artists, fashion insiders and social butterflies. Be prepared to break out your coolest kicks and your wildest outfit. A celebrity chef is soon to be announced and is sure to bring some interesting plates to the palate.

Tickets are on sale now and are extremely limited. To purchase, call 416.973.4000 or visit http://www.thepowerplant.org/. We’ll see you there.

Do Me A Solid: unScripted: Opening Night presented by Canadian Stage Visionaries

On Friday, May 13, talent from the art, fashion and entertainment worlds will come together to curate hotel rooms at One King West to raise funds for Canadian Stage, one of the country’s leading non-profit theatre companies

unScripted: Opening Night, presented by Canadian Stage Visionaries, will celebrate the glamour and delight of the theatrical debut, and will feature interactive events, live musical guests, culinary delights and cocktails, as well as amazing prizes and auction items (one being a deluxe trip for two to St. John’s, Newfoundland to visit the set of CBC’s Republic of Doyle – how awesome is that?).

Interactive artistic concepts will be brought to life by fashion designer Evan Biddell, Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco, stage director Weyni Mengesha, filmmaker Charles Officer, visual artist Charles Pachter, Slice’s Re-Vamped expert Kaitlyn Regehr, The Company Theatre’s Philip Riccio and unScripted event host, MuchMusic’s RAPCITY host, Tyrone “T-RexXx” Edwards.

 Burlesque dancer and Slice host Kaitlyn Regehr.
Guests at the party will experience a tantalizing burlesque show, live art sketches, dramatic theatrical performances, powerful fashion and more.

Proceeds raised from the event will support the community initiatives of Canadian Stage, making the arts experience more accessible to future artists and new audiences.

Get your tickets here or call 416.368.3110.

The party starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $90 each.

Come early to enjoy a VIP three-course meal prepared by One King West executive chef Samuel Fiore at 7 p.m. VIP tickets are $250 each. 

Twitter: @CanadianStage, #unScripted

Fashion-able: What to wear to a holiday party

When picking outfits for holiday parties, it can be hard to choose between all of the rich colours and sparkly pieces that show up this time of year. It’s a great opportunity to make a statement, but your audience still must be considered. What works for your family party will look a bit understated for a bash with your friends, and for work, keeping the boss in mind is important. 

Here is our guide for getting dressed for all of the great parties between now and the end of December. Hopefully, you’ll have an excuse to wear all types of outfits this holiday season.

Work Parties
Work parties can be tricky to dress for. You want to look great and show off your personal style to the people that you spend most of your waking hours with. It’s a perfect time to get more dressed up than you normally would for a work function. But, your boss will be there, and you still need to hang on to the respect of your coworkers (right?). 
Our solution is the LBD. Every girl needs a Little Black (party) Dress, and it’s a no-fail base outfit for the white wine and sliders you’ll munch on while trading work gossip. 
Diane von Furstenberg’s Arita Leather Dress ($595) with jersey paneling is the perfect LBD for any work holiday party. With padded shoulders and a scoop back, this dress can be worn for either a day or night event. It’s simple enough for a corporate party, but the panels and leather add a bit of interest. 

If you need to cover up to feel comfortable, try a knockout jacket like Thakoon’s fabulous Ruffle Cropped Jacket ($2,585). Covered in lovely layers of chiffon ruffles and lined in silk, this jacket is just right for a merry dandy holiday. Buy the real deal, or use it as inspiration for something more affordable.

Friends Parties
This is where you go all out. Holiday parties are the best chance to show off your amped-up style. Forget wearing basic jeans or a LBD here. Anything goes with your crew. 

The romper/jumpsuit trend has hit runways from Stella McCartney to Alexander Wang, and now is your chance to work it like Agyness Dean. We like BCBGeneration’s Cut-Out Sleeveless Jumpsuit ($49) to celebrate the holidays with friends. Be sure to pair with heels to keep your legs looking long and lean.
For a major splurge, top the jumpsuit with Alice + Olivia’s Luiza Embellished Jacket ($796) for a look that’s hip and shimmering. The sequined and double-breasted jacket has padded shoulders and extended front hem. Wear this outfit and cause major fashion envy.

Family Parties
Holiday season is sequin season; the more you wear, the better. Sequins add glitz to your otherwise more conservative style when hanging with your aunts and uncles.
To shine at a family party, try this Sequin Jersey Skirt by Kensie ($58). Wearing opaque black tights will keep you looking covered up, even with the slightly shorter length. Style it in an unexpected way (and keep it grandma-friendly) by pairing it with Helmut Lang’s Cropped Sweater ($360). 
For a black classic that’s anything but basic, this sheer knit sweater with hole detailing features ribbed edges and long sleeves. Your sister will surely have her eye on this dazzling skirt and cool sweater combination. Beware, she will raid your closet.
What are you wearing to holiday parties this year? Tweet us: @rockitpromo.