Photo Friday: Sleepovers

TGIF! Today, we’re putting in our butterfly clips, packing our caboodles and putting our favourite mix tapes into our overnight bags. You’re invited to our sleepover party… circa the mid-1990s. 


Photo Friday: Shirtless Dudes

Okay before we even get into this, to our hetero male readers – don’t be mad. Don’t think of it as objectification or fitsperation.  Just let it happen. It’s been a long week and we’re going to encourage just a little bit of SFW ogling. TGIF Y’ALL!

For the record, Brandon Jay McLaren is only our second favourite power ranger.


Who is your fave topless hearthrobs? Tweet your (SFW) fave babes @rockitpromo

Photo Friday – Nail Art

We don’t know about you, but we are still giddy from the excitement over last
week’s Golden Globes. So many laughs,
memorable moments, and of course head-to-toe glamour. This year we got an extra close up on all
the pretty things with the E! Mani Cam where celebs got to show off their done-up digits, with Zooey Deschanel stealing the show with her film strip nail art. 
Our subsequent mani-mania inspired today’s Photo Friday, and left us
eager to experiment.

Photo Friday – holiday office parties

Slap on the lipstick and heels, gals, it’s time to party! With your boss. Stressed about the office holiday party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few simple dos and don’ts – happy Friday.

Do: Bust a move.

Don’t: pull an Elaine.
Do: Wear something special.

Don’t: Wear so little “something special”.

Do: Let loose.

Don’t: Overindulge. 

Do: Find yourself under the mistletoe.

Don’t: End up with a lawsuit.

As fun as it seems, you don’t actually want your office to be this Office.

Responsible office parties.

Even offices back then got a little friskier during the holidays.

Definitely don’t be this guy.

Photo Friday: Orange Crush

It can brighten up grey fall days, distract from the horror of impending snow, and is the official colour of Halloween. Today, we pay homage to a cheery, warm hue, that can be lovely and sophisticated, in our orange-themed Photo Friday.

Photo Friday: Fall

When we think fall, we think the delicious Thanksgiving feast, beautifully crafted leatherware and the crisp crunch of leaves under our feet. Our appreciation of the season gets squeezed in somewhere between the craziness of TIFF and the start of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Delightful tastes, colours and fashions- autumn is one of our favourite times of year, but before we know it it will all be replaced with mall Santas, snow storms and big down jackets.  

Image via Rudsak. 

Photo Friday: Summer Lovin’

Oh, the hot, hazy days of summer! While many of us moan and groan about the humidity (and the frizzy hair that comes with it), we can’t help but love summer: drinks on the patio, fun fashions and, of course, a drastic increase in shirtless hunks

Today’s Photo Friday rounds up a few of our favourite (summery) things, which are sure to be eye-candy once the temperature dips below zero.