Yum, Yum: What to bring to a BBQ

We’re not ones to turn down an invite to a BBQ, especially not if the BBQ is held in a sunny backyard or rooftop patio, but sometimes we’re at a loss about what to bring. A potato salad or creamy coleslaw are classic sides, but after your fifth BBQ they can seem a bit staid. Not to fear! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite summertime recipes for y’all, keeping in mind the key tenets of hot weather cooking – easy, simple and fresh. 

Tri-Colour Slaw with Lime Dressing

We know, we just told you that coleslaw was too predictable. But hear us out. This recipe isn’t your traditional coleslaw; it features lots of bright colours and has a light, lime dressing in place of the mayo-based dressing you normally see. We also love throwing some shredded kale into the mix for a boost of macro-greens. 

Recipe via TheKitchn

Grilled Corn Salsa

This recipe requires a bit of on-site prep (unless you want to BBQ before getting to the BBQ), but thankfully you can prep everything else beforehand and add in the grilled corn before serving. It’s great with tortilla chips, as a side salad or even as a topping to grilled fish. 

Recipe via Spoon Fork Bacon.

Sriracha-Grilled Tofu

Looking for an alternative to veggie burgers or grilled peppers for your vegetarian friends? Try this Korean-inspired tofu dish. You need to prep it the night before, but trust us: it is a piece of cake. Show up to the BBQ with this dish and even your most carnivourous friends may swear off meat. 

Recipe via Bon Appetit

Pickled Red Onions

We recommend making a huge batch of these suckers and keeping them in your fridge. The recipe lasts for months and pickled red onions are so versatile — delicious with grilled meats, delightful on pork tacos or even as an unexpected burger topping. 

Recipe via David Lebovitz

Classic Icebox Cake

Alright, this is another “prepare ahead” dish, but! It only requires two ingredients AND is a dessert you can make without turning on your oven. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. And besides, who wants to turn on the oven in the middle of the summer? Not us, that’s for sure. 

Recipe via A Cozy Kitchen