Rave: For the love of the game

Once the temperature reaches a warm 18 degrees, Canadian’s do three things right away: put on shorts, find a patio, and enroll in après work extracurricular sports. Ultimate Frisbee, soccer and baseball are regular sports on the fourth floor, but our latest obsession is ping pong. While we have yet to join a league, the opportunity is coming. This summer, SPiN Toronto is opening its doors at King and Spadina (lower level of 461 King St. W. to be exact), and we are stoked to say the least.

We’ve had a one-track mind – all things pong. So much so that some of us are even considering a road trip to Milwaukee at the end of the month to watch the 2011 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships. Yep. We’re that pong-core.

Table tennis has the uncanny ability to make us feel reminiscent about the past, and excited for the future. Fond memories of screened-in patios, a lake and playing the best out of ten come back at the mention of ping pong.

Let’s be fair – not everyone is rushing home to put on soccer cleats and baseball gloves. Some of us prefer to be more Fashion-able and throw on slingbacks. But guess what? You can have your cake and eat it too. Model and table tennis champ Soo Yeon Lee pongs in heels.

We love this video of Soo Yeon where the fashion and ping pong worlds collide in an elegant clash.
We can’t wait for the grand opening to try out this sexy pong thing for ourselves. We’ll keep you posted on how we do. Or keep up to date by following them on Twitter @SPiN_Toronto. Memberships are on sale now.