City Living: Pinky’s Nails

Like a good hairdresser, once we find a good nail salon we
remain loyalists… until someone new moved into our `hood and disturbed the
order of the beauty world. Introducing
Pinky`s Nails, the
self-proclaimed first professional nail art studio in Toronto. 

Open now for just over a month, Pinky’s Nails is not only wreaking havoc on our wallets (because we’re always there) but is also causing debates over which designs to get. Conveniently located around the corner from our office, Pinky’s Nails calls 688
Richmond St. W home, and have been making a buzz with their creations à la this:
MTV’s Nicole Holness and her feminine 3D nail art.
Or all of these:

And this one too:
For the cat lovers on the fourth floor (*cough cough*
@badalie, @andeline, @bigail).
No pedicures here. They do one thing and one thing well:
nail art. Pinky’s first caught our attention when they offered up manicure
specials for their July promo, but the fun designs and endless choices have kept us as customers. And in the rare, rare occassion you don’t see something that tickles your fancy, you can email them your inspiration and they can whip up a one-of-a-kind work for your digits.

Prices for their nail art (read as masterpieces) start at $30, and go up from there depending on the adornments and studding you choose. Pricing is done per nail, so feel free to go wild or just have a few standouts on your hands, like an entirely studded nail which rings up at $12.  
Wondering how the heck they get such detailed works on your
tips? Check out this  video for the Heartbreak Karaoke nails from Worn Fashion Journal.

If you are a devout Shellac-er, Pinky’s will be carrying gel polishes come fall. In the mean time, you can choose from their vast polish collection with familiar favourites like OPI and Essie.

In more beauty news, Pinky’s has got their paws on OPI`s new Black
Spotted polish. Similar to Shatter, but way cooler, it`s a black top coat that
gives a water marbling effect. Why is this awesome? OPI Black Spotted is
part of the Spiderman collection, which was exclusively released to French
Sephora. You
read that right
– the polish won’t even get a US release, let alone a
Canadian one. Which is why single bottles are going as high as $60 on eBay– cray!

Covet it. Now. 

Looking for an appointment? Give ‘em a ring at 647-787-9521.
Pinky’s Nails is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. most nights. 
Ya, they are pretty cool!