City Living: Playlists for running in the city

We thought that since we recently posted about Toronto running routes, it was only fitting that we provide you with some playlists that will help kickstart your run, keep you going and cool you down. With some new hits, old classics and a variety of music genres, we hope the variety will help inspire and encourage fellow runners as they jog or sprint around Toronto.

While we wouldn’t normally associate indie/alternative music with running, we realized that when cranked up in our headphones, bands like Foster the People and Florence and the Machine make for some pretty energizing play lists. Check out who else made the cut.

For the lovers of Top 40 out there (yes, we are guilty of this from time to time) this is the perfect upbeat playlist that will most likely have you singing along as you run. Don’t forget to breathe between hitting the high notes.

Who knew that techno and electronic music had uses aside from dancing the night away at the Guvernment? Make sure to blast this music and you’ll be shocked at how intense your run can get. 

Hip Hop
With a little throw back to the 90s, this playlist shares the intensity of the techno playlist, but also has words to sing, or rather rap, along to. 

Too lazy to create your own playlist? Websites like Slacker Radio and 8 Tracks will make them for you! We have definitely found that music is the key to staying energized while running.  We also find it important to constantly update what you’re listening to in order to keep things new and interesting. So with warm weather on the horizon, grab your iPod, load your new playlist and head outdoors for a run!