Rave: Childhood treats

Here on the fourth floor we love good candy from time to time. Besides adding them to our weekly Yogurty’s creations, on occasion we’ll run out and grab ourselves a sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

While we miss the days of penny candies that actually cost a penny, certain treats have a nostalgic effect and bring back memories of our childhood summers. Below is a round up of candies we loved while growing up (and still love).

The everlasting candy. These gems were great as a candy option you could enjoy for hours, as opposed to devouring in the first 10 minutes. The small ones were the right size for us when we were kids, but now we’d probably need one of the jumbo ones to occupy us. 

Big Foot
Classic, delicious and fruity. Big Foot candies were always a staple in our 5-cent candy bags when perusing the aisle. Now they’re available in different flavours, which brings a whole new ball game. We especially love the raspberry flavoured ones. 

Pop Rocks
Both a noisy and delicious candy option. How many people tried the pop rocks and soda combo to see if that urban myth was true? After rigorous testing, this was proven false by children everywhere. Then more scientifically by the Mythbusters.

Fruit Roll-ups
While we’re not sure exactly how much real fruit is used, or Vitamin C you can get from a Roll-up, we can tell you how delicious these are. Rolling them up and putting them on your fingers, cutting out shapes or eye holes, or smushing them into a ball – these were a perfect recess snack.  

Another example of a great recess snack from our youth…and surprisingly hard to find photos of online. Sodalicious were the perfect combination of two things we love(d), soda and candy. With the different flavours we swore tasted exactly like Orange Crush, root beer, Grape Crush or 7-UP, you had to eat them the proper way, the top first, then the rest of the bottle. Plus, who can forget the awesome commercial – so Soda-licious! 

Fun Dips
Essentially bags of sugar that you dip a sugar stick into. As a kid (or maybe young adult…) what’s not to love?

While not exactly candy, these are quite possibly the perfect summer treat. You could break it in half to share with a friend, or eat it as fast as possible before it melted. Remember when you could win prizes and earn points on your popsicle sticks? We sure do.