First Jobs: Christina the professional present wrapper

Ah, first jobs. You might have babysat three screaming children, steamed designer clothing or blended McFlurries for $6 an hour. First jobs are far from glamourous for most people, but they offer more money than the tooth fairy ever gave you (usually). They also make up who we are today and are part of our journey to where we are now. Today brings us to a new series where all of us from the Fourth Floor, as well as some of our visitors, will tell you about their fun (and not so fun) – First Jobs.

Check out how our own Christina went wild with financial independence with her first job as a “professional present wrapper”.
My first job was at Mastermind Toys in Mississauga, a really cool toy company. I worked during the Christmas holidays as a “professional present wrapper.” 
I was the first of my friends to get a part-time job, which meant while everyone else was hanging out, I was getting paper cuts, trying to wrap soccer balls, and listening to Raffi’s Christmas music. How do you even wrap a round object properly? I still don’t know. 
 Tools of the trade. Image source.
Despite the dorky “present wrapper” title, the job was awesome because it was so close to home that I was able to walk to and from my shifts. The only uniform piece was a red apron, which I could quickly take off the second friends walked through the door. 
Best of all, the boy I had a crush on at the time worked at the grocery store in the same plaza, where I mildly stalked him. The $6.85 per hour I made was also much more than the $5 per week allowance my parents gave me (Five bucks a week, Mom? Really?! I know you’re reading this.).  
I worked long hours, or hours I thought were long at the time, for an entire two-week period to be able to afford – *drum roll* – floor seats for the Backstreet Boys concert. Since a concert at 14 without supervision in Toronto was altogether out of the question for my suburban parents, my best friend and I rocked out to I Want It That Way, our favourite song, alongside her dad.
Not only was Mastermind Toys my first job, it allowed me to buy tickets to my first concert. Helloooooo freedom!