Rave: Our Favourite Gingers

You know who
gets a lot of flack? Redheads. Not to throw shade at the Betty’s and Veronica’s
of the world, but as far as hair colours go, redheads don’t always have it
easy. The victims of
Internet memes, inappropriate social behaviour and bizarre stereotypes (not
to mention the constant rumours of impending extinction), these pigment-lacking
carrot tops are often the butt of jokes and
Because we feel for them and their inability to tan (and certainly not a secret
agenda of
anyone here on the fourth floor) we’d like to take a moment and acknowledge our
favourite beet heads.

Conan O’Brien

While this
tall, gangly ginge’s fame is usually attributed to his career as a late night
host, Conan’s resume is much more impressive than simply interviewing celebs
from behind a desk and his
signature string dance. The Harvard grad and former Lampoon president spent two years as a
staff writer for
Saturday Night Live
before heading to
The Simpsons’
writing room, where he went on to pen some of the most
memorable episodes. His
hosting career started when he took over Letterman’s gig at Late Night, where
he stayed for 13 years before taking on the iconic role of the
Tonight Show host. His position there was abruptly
cut short after only seven months when he got the boot due to network politics and
chin-heavy antique car collector whose name will not be spoken here. He handled the
situation with grace, signing off with
 an amazing, heartfelt speech
and can now be found on TBS with his show,
Florence Welch

At only 26
years old, intense frontwoman Florence Welch is one of our most inspiring flameheads.
More than just an impressive set of pipes, Flo is an thoughtful songwriter and
eccentric boho style icon. For having produced only two albums (Lungs and Ceremonials), her music
has had tremendous influence, permeating pop culture and creating some of the defining anthems of our generation. Anyone
who hasn’t had the chance to see her perform live is missing out – it’s truly an

Prince Harry

There are few
people who send our hearts fluttering like His Royal Ginginess. He may not be
first heir to the throne, but we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t considered
using his face as currency. The playboy Prince’s most endearing quality is that
aside from a royal title, he kinda just seems like a normal dude. He went through a rebellious teenage phase, was the first royal to engage in active military service in 735 years, and from the looks of things, can appreciate
a fine get together. And since we’ve heard
through the grapevine that he is currently “100% single”, we are hereby
throwing our fancy British-looking hat into the ring. Somebody
tell Kate and Wills what fun aunts we would make.

Christina Hendricks

Mad Men’s most sultry lady harnesses all of
her firepower. Don’t 
be fooled by her soft voice and femininity, her character
Joan Holloway owns her sexuality and defies the passivity expected of women of
her time.
 Christina’s vintage look and
hourglass figure remind us that knockout beauty comes in all shapes and colours
but regularly speaks out against discourse where the talents of female performers are overshadowed by catty and debasing comments about their looks.

Ron Howard

Arguably the
most successful child actor of all time, Ron has two iconic acting roles under
his belt as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show
and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. He is
the voice of Arrested Development and
has a directing career that brought us Cocoon,
Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. He’s been happily married to his high school
sweetheart since 1975, proving that not only can true love exist in Hollywood,
but that gingers must have souls. The man even
had a comet named after