DIY: Studded Denim

Studded errything has been all over the interwebs lately.
We love, love, love the look and wanted to attempt one of our faves in this
edition of DIY with the studded denim shorts. This really easy project has a
big impact.

Time needed: 45

Step 1:
Find your studs. We purchased ours at Neveren’s Sewing Supply Store (451 Queen St. W.), however, studs are cheap and easy to
online too.

Step 2:
Get studs out and pliers ready to craft with!
You’ll need approximately 40 studs.

Step 3: 
Plan where you would like to stud your denim.
Although top of the front pocket is a great look, we choose to stud our back
pockets. Use a permanent marker to plan where your studs will be placed. This
ensures that your studs are in (relatively) straight lines.

Step 4:
Keep studding till you have a finished product.

Step 5:
Rock your studded denim, and use extras to place onto other items (not to be worn together, please. One at a time), such as these rad studded converse shoes.


Yum Yum: Banh Mi Boys, The Big Fish and #Beastwich

Lunch time on the fourth floor has taken a turn for the delicious. Our little corner of the city has seen a slew of new restaurant openings. So, in the name of research, we decided to check them out and decide the hype for ourselves.

Banh Mi Boys – @banhmiboys
392 Queen St. W.

After a longer-than-expected renovation, Banh Mi Boys is finally open again. The shop, owned by the three Chau brothers, puts a modern spin on the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich. Banh mi offerings range from the traditional – grilled pork ($4.99) – to the innovative – duck confit ($7.49), crispy squid ($5.99). They also offer steamed buns (bao, $3.49), tacos ($3.99) and, our personal favourite, kimchi fries ($5.99; fries, kimchi, scallions, pulled pork, mayo, ZOMG). Deservedly, the place is super busy so be prepared for a bit of a wait. Also, we suggest doing take-out as we smelled pretty greasy after eating in.

The Big Fish
406 Queen St. W., open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday; 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday. Closed Sundays. 416.603.8102.

Grilled fish sandwich – yummy!

A few doors down from Banh Mi Boys is The Big Fish. As the name implies, their menu offers a great range of seafood items but they’ve also got lamb, beef and sausage burgers (all organic meat from Rowe Farms; from $8.85). During our visit we had fish on the brain, so tried out the basa (similar to catfish) grilled fish sandwich ($7.75) and the English-style haddock fish and chips ($9.50). The grilled fish was covered in a cornmeal and flour coating, which gave it a nice, unexpected crunch. 

One of our favourite features of The Big Fish is their vinegar spray bottles – both white and malt vinegar, naturally. Another fave part is the sheer amount of food served; we were stuffed at the end. They currently have a patio out front, and will be replacing the fence soon. Keep your eyes out for a white picket fence on Queen Street!

We agree, Big Fish. We agree.

Beast’s Beastwich Take Away Lunch –
 @BeastRestaurant #Beastwich
96 Tecumseth St.

Beast is known for their delicious dinners and weekend brunch, but as of last Friday they’ve introduced a new take-away lunch called the Beastwich. Available each Friday from noon until they run out, Beast will offer a sandwich, side and dessert for $10. Each week’s sandwich will be based on a different theme and will come in a meat and vegetarian version. We checked out the inaugural #Beastwich last week, with their Jamaican theme. They offered a pulled Jerk chicken sandwich, with a delicious white bean side salad. 

This pretty little bean salad was awesome.

The whole operation is very efficient – meals are bagged and ready for you when you get there, making it ideal for working lunches. Our only complaint was that our bread was a bit soggy by the time we settled in the park to eat. That didn’t stop us from eating the sandwich so quickly that we forgot to take a photo. It was a Good Friday indeed.

City Living: Buying Glasses in Toronto

While we may be a little late on the hipster bandwagon, we’re finally starting to realize that not all glasses have to make us look nerdy or feel like we are back in grade 11. Now on the hunt for the perfect pair of “cool” glasses, we began asking fellow four-eyes where they buy their trendy specs. We were delighted to discover that there are tons of stylish, vintage, quirky and classic options all around the city.  We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

Three stores: 752 Queen St. W, 55 Mill St. Building #53, 3342 Yonge St.

With three locations around Toronto, each one cooler than the next, Spectacle takes trendy eyewear to another level. Their licensed opticians and “frame stylists” are there to educate glasses shoppers on buying the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. While you’re sure to find classics like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Prada, we suggest you take advantage of the more exotic labels Spectacle has to offer – like Ic! Berlin, Mosley Tribes or Rudy Project. They pride themselves on introducing new European brands to Canada, so why not try something new?

A gorgeous store to house an impressive selection of glasses.
Image source.
2919 Dundas St. E
If you’re in the market for the ultra-hip, no-one-else-will-have-them pair of glasses, head over to the Junction. Located on Dundas West, this indie store offers high-end unused vintage eyewear, as well as contemporary independent designers. With a state-of-the-art edging lab and expert contact lens fittings on-site, they are not only serious about glasses, they treat them as artwork. 
Need your glasses custom fit or a quick repair? Looks like they have you covered.
Image source.
55 Richmond St. W.

If you’re serious, and we mean SERIOUS about finding the most exclusive, unique pair of frames, we can’t think of anywhere better than Aeroplane Vintage Eyewear. This exclusive retailer carries a huge selection of high-end vintage eyewear from around the world. While you may recognize brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Persol and YSL, make no mistake, all glasses are “new condition vintage”, hand picked for style, brand and history. You are sure to find the perfect statement pair here.

Love vintage shopping for clothing? Why not try vintage shopping for glasses?

LF Optical
4 locations: (Downtown) 333 Bay St. Unit 14 C, (Thornhill) 1450 Centre St., (East) 131 Sunrise Ave. E, Midtown 2782 Dufferin St.

When we first discovered LF Optical, we thought we’d better keep this gem of a shop our little secret. Little did we know that everyone and their mom had already discovered it as well. With a new location downtown, they are becoming an even more popular destination for glasses. While you won’t find any vintage glasses here, the selection is extensive (they have over 3,000 models to choose from in each store), the prices are even better, and if you find glasses somewhere else, they will order them for you. Now that we don’t have to make the journey all the way to Dufferin or Thornhill, you can bet that we will be checking out LF Optical for our next pair of glasses.

Glasses in all shapes and sizes.

With all this selection, we think we might forego our contacts for a little while (good thing because we just ran out) and try out some new frames. Glasses can be a great accessory, and perhaps the easiest way to change up your look once in a while. 

Rave: Quick & easy spots for pre-event food, beauty and hair fixes

It’s not news – being a publicist goes hand in hand with working and attending events. With exciting days and busy nights, finding time to make sure we look and dress the part sometimes ends up on a lower rung of the ladder. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to us. It just means letting go of our usual haunts and finding new places close to the office that we head to for a quick fix. Here are some of our spots for a polish change, a blow-out, a quick snack, a new outfit and our favourite winter accessory to give any outfit some spiked punch.


We are so fond of Mosheta, the (fairly) new hair, nail and makeup spot on Queen St. W. The minute a chip is spotted, we hop, skip and jump across the street for a helping hand. With a nail polish change for $10, not only is time saved but money is too – we don’t always have time for the full manicure, so fake it with a shiny new coat of OPI’s latest and greatest. If you can invest one full hour on your lunch break, Mosheta also blows your hair out to perfection. We are regulars here and stand by the pink graffiti‘ed name. 534 Queen St. W., 647.344.3442

Falafel Queen

Don’t let the exterior sway you, or the smell of Smoke’s Poutinerie lead you next door (poutine pre-event is not the best idea). When time is not on our side, food inevitably gets put on the back burner. Our discovery of Falafel Queen has turned our hunger pangs around. For $2, a small container of their homemade hummus lasts for two days and is fresh and simple (read: good for you). Add a bag of baby carrots from the local Loblaw store and it is truly one of our greatest snack discoveries. Be sure to have some strong mints on hand after your snack. The hummus is delicious, but garlicky. 576 Queen St W., 416.504.9736
Yes, that is a Herve Leger mini that you can rent. 
Located (too conveniently at times) right in our building, Remix is one of the best places in Toronto to rent an entire outfit – they have shoes, accessories and designer dresses. In our industry, recycling the same outfits again and again is not an option, but we don’t want to buy a new outfit 3x a week either. Remix rental is a time and budget-saver.  If you fall in love with your outfit, you can buy it at a discounted price. 639 Queen Street W., 2nd floor

Take this tip and run with it : Joe Fresh has the greatest assortment of tights at killer prices. Black leopard print, grey cheetah print, an assortment of opaque colours – such a simple, and necessary winter accessory becomes a cool addition to an outfit. While we might be wearing black most of the time, we mix it up with every colour and pattern of tight under the rainbow and always have a spare pair on hand. Thanks, Joe. 585 Queen Street W., 416.703.3419