Media, Darling: Sarah Nicole Prickett

I’m 25, I was born in London, Ontario (ew), and I’m an unbalanced Libra. Also, I’m the style columnist for Eye Weekly, a regular contributor to FASHION Magazine and DazedDigital, and I’ve written for The Toronto Star, The National Post, Torontoist, Dossier Journal, Nico Magazine, and probably more.

Twitter: @xoxSNP

How can someone grab your attention with a pitch?
Say my name, first of all, and say it right. “Sara Nichole” is on vacation with limited access to email and will get back to you when she returns, in two-thousand-and-never. Little jokes go a long way; I’m a sucker for puns, especially in the subject line. Try asking how I’m doing. Above all, know what it is I write/blog/tweet about. It’s not difficult; I’m on the internet like red on M&Ms. I’m really rather “out there”. And yet! I get all these emails about vegan baby toys and ugly tech gadgetry and gross “VIP lounges” on King. Still, those are easy to ignore, so whatevs. 

It’s the pitches that are completely antithetical to my personal philosophies that make me want to throw things. Once, a beer company’s rep emailed me with a guide comparing the shapes of beer glasses to the shapes of womens’ bodies, then offered tips on how men should “help” women shop for bathing suits, with tips like “go for the most expensive one” and “don’t say anything, just grunt and whistle.” Would this be something I’d consider for Eye Weekly‘s (non-existent) swimsuit issue? My reply was the most sarcastic I’ve ever sent to a PR, and I’m not sorry.

What do you find most useful when dealing with public relations professionals?

Their obsessive communicative disorder. It never stops amazing me. Good PRs will always reply right away, even if they don’t have the answer. They’re always “working on it” and “getting images from the photographer this afternoon” and “thinking about which of our clients’ products would best fit your gift guide” and so on. They send reminder emails (without insinuating that I’ve forgotten, which… I usually have). They follow up. PRs are everything I’m not: organized, cheerful, on time, “with it.” I guess I could do my job without them, but I’d probably want to quit or throw myself under a streetcar.

What is the biggest mistake PR professionals make?

Not having a personality. I get that fashion publicists have to wear all black, all the time, but do they have to be so colourless? It kills me to see them, and so many of them, always smiling and never laughing. I know you know when the product or client you’re repping is ridiculous; just wink and admit it. I won’t tell on you. I won’t quote you. But I will like you. Just give me anything at all to like. My favourite PRs are the ones who say, listen, you won’t be into this thing/place/person; don’t waste your time. Then, when they say I’ll be totally into something, I’m a thousand times more likely to believe it.
Your pet peeve: