City Living: Massage spots

We love a good massage here on the fourth floor. After fashion week, TIFF or, really,  just ’cause we feel like it – we’ll trek around the city to get our flesh kneaded at our favourite spots. 

602 King St. W.

Hammam is a favourite of the fourth floor because its close to home (read: work) and in terms of spas, is relatively affordable. Located on the lower level of a King West building, it’s easy to spend a few hours there and forget that you’re right downtown. 

The best part? The giant steam room you are welcome to use with any spa treatment purchase. 

18 Elm St.

Not only do they offer one of our favourite massages in the city, the spa (located in a historic building) also boasts two restaurants, a juice bar, 34 treatment rooms and water therapies, including swimming pool, whirlpool and steam rooms. All in all adding to the ultimate spa experience.  

152 Grey Road 21, Blue Mountains

When we’re north of the city and need a little rejuvenation after a day on the slopes or outdoor activities, we head to the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain. In addition to their soothing massages, they have various relaxation areas – hammocks, terraces and outdoor fireplaces to boot! 

471 Adeladie St. W.

Awesome massage, amazing setting – a 11,000 square foot haven of bliss. Body Blitz is Canada’s first water spa for ladies-only (sorry, boys). Come early and relax in all the therapeutic waters, steam room and sauna until treatment time. Plus, they will deliver you tea and juice in the pool! Bonus? They don’t accept tips, prefering to reward internally based on your feedback.