Rave: Textuality: 10 Minutes with Carly Pope

Our intern, Amalia, tagged along on our recent press day with for the film Textuality. She sat down with one of the stars, Carly Pope. They chatted texting (of course), shooting in Toronto and juggling university with acting. Textuality opens in select theatres today. 

Today I found myself in the most amazing position in my professional career: I got to attend the press day for the Canadian film, Textuality.

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The film is a lighthearted look at two people trying to get into a relationship, who must first get OUT of the multiple relationships they were managing through their BlackBerrys before they met. At it’s heart, Textuality is a story about living, loving, and most importantly, laughing at ourselves in this intensely digital age. The movie stars none other than the Absolut Hunk himself, Jason Lewis, with the gorgeous Carly Pope playing the leading lady.

Carly Pope at the premiere of Textuality.

I sat down with Carly to chat about her character, Simone.

We understand you first started acting on the stage back in high school. Is theatre something that you’d consider going back to at all?
I would 100 per cent go back to theatre. In the past, I’ve produced and starred in several plays, including a recent play in L.A. It’s something that I really enjoy, and it brings back great memories.
Keeping with the theme of school, did you continue your education while you worked?
At first, yes. I went to the University of British Columbia out of high school for six months. Then, I had to leave because I landed a role in a TV show called Popular.

For the last 10 years, I’ve tried to complete courses through distance education, but I’ve understood what I love about school is being IN the classroom environment. To me, what’s important is the experience. My mom has often told me, “you don’t need a B.A., you have life experiences!”.

In the movie, you play the female lead – Simone. Without giving too much away, can you tell us if the texting theme of the film resonated with your personal life?
I actually set my phone to silent a year ago. I didn’t want the noise and buzz around all the time. I find that dealing with responding to people [via text], you lose connections with [them]; you miss out on intricacies of speech.

My cellphone in Vancouver doesn’t even have caller ID. I honestly want to be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised when I pick up the phone! Keeps things interesting.
Back to Simone… can we talk about her amazing loft?
Well, the loft and I kinda go back. You see, the producer for a previous film I was in (Young People F*cking) tried to get this loft for my character in that film, but things didn’t work out. So when I heard that we would be shooting at that same loft (and, most importantly, that my character would be living there), I was so excited.

It was a great experience shooting in the apartment. Everything from the walls to the artwork was so inspiring. The combination of the vintage décor and modern art displayed throughout the space gave it such a great vibe.

If you’re wondering: Carly told us the loft is in Cabbagetown. Exactly where? We aren’t sure. 😉
What was your favourite part about shooting in Toronto?
For me, it’s a special treat to come to Toronto. I have family and dear friends that live here, so any excuse to come back is happily welcomed. I also really enjoy the vast differences within Toronto. There’s the financial district, which is the corporate side of the city, and then you have this other rich, lush and diverse cultural scene. It’s amazing, I like the high energy that I feel, and I also don’t mind hitting the pavement every now and then. 😉
Thank you – it was a pleasure chatting with you. 
You too!

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