Fave Five: The Best Sitcoms You’ve (likely) Never Seen

While many people in our industry like to claim that they’re
“too busy to watch TV”, we somehow manage to fit in the time. From inter-office
debates over whether Vampire Diaries
is good or bad to major Dexter spoiler
alerts (earmuffs!), we love all TV. And even though we’re dedicated
to the hour-long, all-consuming series like Mad
and Game of Thrones, there’s
nothing like a quick, witty sitcom to unwind with at the end of the day. We’re
not talking about 30 Rock or Modern Family, either – too obvious!
Here, presented in random order, are five funny sitcoms you have probably never
seen – but should:

Cougar Town

Wait! Don’t close your browser. We know this
is the show title people love to hate, which is why the writers (like
Bill Lawrence of Scrubs fame) like to insert
witty quips
about how much they, too, hate the show title into the opening
sequence every week. Crappy name aside,
is a great show. Jules (Courtney Cox) and her group of best-buds – including ex-husband Bobby, BFF
Ellie, Ellie’s lapdog husband Andy, employee Laurie (Busy
Phillips), fiancé Grayson and son Travis
drink a LOT of wine, play cool games (Penny Can), avoid creepy neighbour
Tom and treat each other inappropriately. What’s not to love?

Watch episodes here
Happy Endings

While many sitcoms have been touted as “the
new Friends”, we think Happy Endings comes closest to the
chemistry the original six had. Each character is easily boxed up: Alex, the dumb
blonde (played by Elisha Cuthbert), Jane, the control freak, Brad, the metrosexual
(played by Damon Wayans, Jr.), Dave, the douchey bachelor, Max, the macho gay
guy and Penny, everyone’s BFF. And yet, somehow, it just works. Having trouble
getting into it? Go back to Season One and watch as many as you can in a row.
Watch episodes here

New Girl

There’s only so much Zooey Deschanel
quirkiness we can take. Luckily, the stellar cast of
New Girl does a great job
of buffering the cute every week. Newly dumped, Jess moves into a loft with
three guys who have been friends since childhood. They manage to tolerate her
presence and eventually take her under their wing as one of the guys. The show wouldn’t be nearly as funny without Schmidt, the white collar, formerly overweight high-strung womanizer and Winston, a former basketball player turned Nanny
(originally played by Damon Wayans, Jr. in the pilot!). 

Watch episodes here

 Parks and Recreation

Clearly people are watching Parks and Rec, it’s already into its
fourth season and boasts some major star power – Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, Aziz
Ansari, to name a few. The show strikes a great balance between the characters; our personal favourite has to be
complete and utter disdain for the government that employs him.
Still, not a lot of the people we know are on top of this hilarious show. Get
on this!
Watch episodes here

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

We know this show is only two episodes in
but we’re already hooked. Krysten Ritter plays the perfect mean girl to goody-two-shoes
character June. Add in James Van Der Beek playing a hyper-version of himself (putting
on plaid to get girls, hating James Franco) and we think this show has the
potential to be great.
Watch episodes here