Rave: The lovely things about winter

Even though Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring, it seems as though winter is not giving up anytime soon. So, we’ve decided to embrace these last few snowy weeks and focus on what we love about winter.

Random strangers shovelling/blowing out your sidewalk and driveway.
There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, dreading that first snap of cold hitting your face as you head out to shovel, and discovering some early bird has already taken care of your patch of concrete for you. #payitforward

Sitting in a warm and cozy restaurant window at night, watching the snow fall outside. 
The trek to the restaurant might be filled with cold waits for the TTC and slushy sidewalks, but once you’re inside, it almost beats sitting out on a patio in the sun. A warm, dimly light room, delicious dinner and good conversation with someone you love to spend time with is a pretty kick-ass way to hang out indoors.

Bright, sunny skies with fresh white snow covering everything. 
The cold, grey days with fierce winds are the worst of winter, making us long for spring. But there is something pretty magical about waking up to a fluffy blanket of snow sparkling in the sun.

Hopefully you’ve rediscovered your inner kid and taken advantage of our killer snowfall this year by sliding down a hill on a toboggan, Crazy Carpet or even a plastic garbage bag. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a day outside. And burns a lot of calories.

Wearing layers. 
Whenever fall rolls around, we get pretty excited to layer on our cozy sweaters, jackets, boots and hats. Even by this point in the year, it`s still a great feeling to be wrapped up in a yummy, thick scarf.    

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Rant AND Rave: Winter in Canada

Winter Rave
Okay. I get it. Winter = cold. But the fact is that we live in Canada, and as long as you’re “stuck here”, you might as well embrace it. Isn’t it more fun to be positive anyway?
Everything I love about winter pretty much revolves around snow!
A) My fave activities are still tobogganing and building snowmen, but for you more mature grown-ups, you should totally take advantage of skiing, snowboarding and skating, otherwise known as super fun workouts! (Sweet!)

B) Winter hikes. My mom lives an hour outside North Bay (in Thorne), in the middle of forest. The snow looks absolutely gorgeous on the trees, and buries all the twigs and rocks, making the it easier to walk through. I like to bring a thermos of boozy hot chocolate with me.
Snowy trail at Lisa’s mom’s house.
C) Snowballs + my dog, Angel. And no, I don’t throw them AT her! I make snowballs, and throw them away from us as if they were tennis balls. Angel loves to go hunting for them, though she never finds them since they just become buried in more snow. 

D) Maybe one of the best things about winter is watching a fresh snowfall through the windows of your warm, cozy home. Blanket. Hot tea. Boyfriend. Nighttime. Bliss.


Winter Rant

I have great disdain for winter because:
A) Well, IT’S EFFING FREEZING! – enough said.

B) It is a disaster for fashion. You have to wear down-filled jackets in order to be warm, but they make you look like an overweight snowman. Plus, the snow and salt ruins any nice footwear you have, so you have to spend a bundle of cash on practical boots that you hate wearing – ew!

C) It gets dark at 5 p.m. Life with little to no sunshine is no life at all. And because the sun is barely around during these cold months, our skin gets all pasty and pale and blah. Sure, the pale look works on some people, but it isn’t cute for everyone. I know that I look much better with a sun-kissed glow. 

D) It limits your social activities. Since not all of us enjoy (or suck at) winter sports like snowboarding, skating or skiing,  most other fun social options take place inside. Heard of cabin fever? That’s what happens in winter when people get crazy from hanging out indoors all the time. It’s depressing. Plus, getting to and from anywhere is a pain in the butt. Walking is not an option unless you want frost bite. And driving in snow is dangerous and slow-moving.

E) Winter fat! We often pack on some extra pounds for many reasons, but I think it’s because it helps with staying warm. Then everyone goes crazy to start losing it before summer starts again. It’s stressful.

I have lived in Canada my entire life, but I will never get used to this season. I love summer, spring and fall, but could live very happily without winter.