Fashion-able: What to wear to a sporting event

Here on the fourth floor we love being outside, taking advantage of our fleeting hot weather. We’re definitely not sports jersey wearers but don’t want to stand out like prissy city girls either. We got to chatting about what’s best to wear to the game and still look appropriately sports-friendly.
Here’s a breakdown of our favourite looks to wear out to the diamond, arena, field or park.

Jay’s game:
Going to a baseball game means lots of sun, especially if you are sitting in the 100 or 200 levels, since there is no way to grab any shade time. That being said, we love a good ball game and nothing gets us out the door feeling fresher than a pair of cutoff shorts, a casual cotton tee (bonus points for a vintage tee supporting your home team), a pair of Chucks, sunnies and a hat with a good brim.
See what we mean?
Keeping with the idea that you will spend a few hours in the sun sitting down and watching the boys in red, you want to pick something really comfy. We love to pay tribute to soccer classics by wearing a cute pair of shorts (check out the great pair below), paired with comfy shoes like Toms to keep you in tune with the soccer superfans. Never know when you might need to chase after an errant player….er, ball.
Love the way this girl has paired colours and patterns.
Casual game of (insert sport) at the park:
So, now we’re in different territory. You are out with friends at a park, playing a game of Frisbee, football or whatever floats your boat and you want to look the part, but not be a sissy on the field.
There are two things to consider. One, you want to be able to keep up with the game. Two, you want to look cute in case a group decision leads you to your local pub for after-game pints.

A summery romper will do just the trick. The key to your success will be in accessorizing. We recommend bringing a change of shoes so you can play in a cute pair of running shoes and then switch into more stylish a pair of sandals.

We love the playful print of this romper, perfect for a pick-up game of Ultimate in the park!
Argos Game:
The thought of wearing a dress to a football game might seem a little ridiculous, but give it a minute. If you are going to be out in the sun, sitting down and hanging with your friends, why not enjoy the requisite game food (hot dogs and cold beer? Yes, please!) without any tight waistbands? The fast-food-friendly roominess of a maxi-dress is perfect.
Cute, check. Practical, check. This lady has got the look down pat.
We hope whichever look you go for will rock the stadium and make you the cutest fan (or player) there. Got any other ideas of what to wear to a sporting event? Let us know! @rockitpromo.