Rants and Raves: Dog walking

We love dogs on the fourth floor. Christina has King and Chauncho, Lisa has Angel and Roxy, and Ashley has Georgie. Sometimes they even come to visit – ain’t nothin’ like a cuddle from a furry friend on a busy day. But what we don’t like are irresponsible dog walkers. Sidewalks and parks are everyone’s territory, so take a little care on your next adventure with Fifi.

Please, please, please – keep your dog on a leash, no matter how well-trained you believe your beloved friend to be. First off, it’s the law. And we’ve run into enough off-leash dogs to know some of them aren’t as obedient as their owners think. We’ve had strange dogs follow us down the road, jump all over us and even be aggressive with our own pups. Not cool.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel know the drill. 

Stoop and scoop. This one’s a no-brainer (and another law), yet somehow there is still an abundance of dog poop on lawns, public grassy areas, beaches – you get the idea. It’s so, so disgusting to step in, and worse when your kid comes home covered in it because they were running around and fell down on top of a big pile. Gross.
On that note… respect people’s property. Gardens and lawns are not areas for your dog to relieve themselves. Avoid it whenever possible and try to train Spot to go on other grassy areas or, at the very least, the small stretch of lawn between the road and the sidewalk versus the nicely manicured lawn or blooming garden.
Dear other dog walkers: just because you have a dog and we have a dog, it does not make us BFFs. We don’t mean to be impolite, but sometimes we simply aren’t up for a chat – we may be struggling to control an excitable dog, working on training, or short on time. It’s definitely nice to exchange stories with a fellow dog lover and socialize our dogs, but this is one of those situations you’ve got to read people’s signals – if they seem to be inching away, maybe this isn’t the best time to chat. No offense.

Exception: If your dog is as adorable as this, we’ll stop and chat even if we’re running late for something.
A note on off-leash dog parks – they’re a great social spot for both people and dogs. Just don’t get so caught up in your conversation with the hottie who owns the retriever that you’re not keeping an eye on your own little pal. Make sure your pup isn’t getting into trouble or jumping all over someone, and is playing nice. Remember, you’re hanging out with strange dogs and animals can be unpredictable.
We know these tips seem like common sense, but we speak from experience. Love your pup and others will, too.
Now, check out some of our favourite dog parks around the city:

High Park – Escape from city life amongst the trees and trails at High Park, with designated off-leash areas.

PawsWay – Dog- and cat-friendly. Events and activities frequently take place in the 3,500-square-foot indoor Pet Park. (Especially amazing for winter).

Wychwood Barns Park – No need to worry about losing Toto; this park is fully fenced in for off-leash fun. A touch on the small side, but great for city dogs to stretch their legs.

Sunnybrook Park – Scenic on-leash hiking trails combined with a designated off-leash area make a nice afternoon for you and your pup.

Kew Gardens – A fave of The Beaches ‘hood, the off-leash area here is quite large. Plenty of space to get your dog tuckered out.

Monarch Park – It’s not fenced in, but it’s huge with lots of opportunities for chasing squirrels. Doesn’t take much more than that to make a dog happy.