DIY: Studded Denim

Studded errything has been all over the interwebs lately.
We love, love, love the look and wanted to attempt one of our faves in this
edition of DIY with the studded denim shorts. This really easy project has a
big impact.

Time needed: 45

Step 1:
Find your studs. We purchased ours at Neveren’s Sewing Supply Store (451 Queen St. W.), however, studs are cheap and easy to
online too.

Step 2:
Get studs out and pliers ready to craft with!
You’ll need approximately 40 studs.

Step 3: 
Plan where you would like to stud your denim.
Although top of the front pocket is a great look, we choose to stud our back
pockets. Use a permanent marker to plan where your studs will be placed. This
ensures that your studs are in (relatively) straight lines.

Step 4:
Keep studding till you have a finished product.

Step 5:
Rock your studded denim, and use extras to place onto other items (not to be worn together, please. One at a time), such as these rad studded converse shoes.