Rave: Civic Holiday

Ah, long weekends in summer. They are the best, aren’t they? We’re off enjoying ours in various places – the cottage, the city, Italy. Some of us will spend this weekend moving, but we’re still gonna love the extra day off!

Take the extra day to appreciate the city.
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Whether we’re working or playing, in order to guarantee maximum enjoyment of the weekend here are five things we are keeping close to us all weekend long:
A drink: must be something cold and tasty. Perhaps a little Lazy Days Lemonade? Don’t mind if we do.
Sunscreen:  We’re not going to try to be heroes here. We don’t like tan lines or sunburns, so just join us and lather on some SPF salvation. Your skin will thank you when you’re 65.
Our summer reads: Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to lounge and read a good book, instead of partying like a rockstar. These picks are amazing for a long weekend at the cottage, camping or backyard’ing.
A camera: This holiday sadly reminds us that summer is slowly coming to an end. Document how you spent these gorgeous, sunny days so you can reminisce once the weather turns a little cooler.
Friends and loved ones: There is no better accessory than your lovelies by your side. Be it your BFF, BF or GF, good people make for good times.

So go on, enjoy the mini-vacation, and don’t forget to soak up every minute of it.