Media, Darling: Liem Vu

Liem Vu is the news/social media host of The Morning Show on Global. Before landing his current hosting gig, his passion for storytelling has brought him to the front lines of breaking news. He has written for the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and hosted a series of features for MTV News, focusing on issues like suicide and the radicalization of Somali-Canadian youth.

During the G20 summit in Toronto, Vu was detained by riot police in the Queen St. ‘kettle’ while shooting a video report for the PostPrior to his career as a journalist, he moonlighted as the lead singer of a barbershop quartet called ‘The TemptAsians,’ performing at weddings. 

Image courtesy of The Morning Show on Global.

Twitter: @liemvu

Did you always want to be in the media? If
not, what other careers were on the horizon?

I always knew I wanted to do something related
to storytelling. In high school I wrote for the student newspaper, which helped
me push through my undergraduate and graduate studies. It didn’t matter if it
was print, broadcast, or radio, I was satisfied as long as I was able to tell
someone’s story well.

Where would you like to be five years from

Hopefully, I’ll still be working in
television! There are so many creative opportunities in the TV world that I
don’t think I’ll ever get bored. I honestly haven’t even thought that far ahead.
With the launch of
The Morning Show across Canada, I’m focused on
coming up with new ways to tell different stories that resonate with viewers
across the country.
Any advice for people getting started in
your industry?

Intern. Intern. Intern. I know the financial
reality of being an unpaid intern may not be that appealing, however it’s the
best way to cut your teeth in the media world. People say you should actively
network and shake hands, but I have a different view on things. You shouldn’t pre-occupy yourself with “networking.” Yes, it’s important, but the key is to do
good work. Doing good work will get you noticed, not just schmoozing. Trust me…I
was a shy 240-pound guy seven years ago…
What are your favourite media outlets, not
including your own? 

Full disclosure: I love the Oprah Winfrey
Network. Next Chapter and Master Class are such inspirational shows. The
types of interviews she conducts inspire me to pick up my journalistic game on a
weekly basis.
Best interview you’ve ever had?
It was a series of interviews I did for MTV
News about Somali-Canadian youth in Toronto’s Little Mogadishu neighbourhood.
Since 2005, over 30 young Somali-Canadians died because of violence and at least
another 30 were recruited by a terrorist group called Al-Shabab. I had the
opportunity to interview a man who spent six months in the extremist group along
with young men who had lost their friends. It was an eye-opening experience that
I’ll never forget.
There are always bad interviews, but you just
got to roll with it.
Best advice you’ve ever been

Treat others how you want to be treated, and be
What rule(s) do you live your life

Sleep. Nap. Exercise. It’s the only way you
can survive the early morning TV grind!
What’s the most important tip you can give
PR pros?

Be willing to discuss the direction of an
interview/segment. As Vanilla Ice once said: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.
Best experience you’ve had with a PR pro?
We love to hear about #wins.

Working with High Road Communications for my
inside look at Facebook Canada HQ. And working with APEX PR for my feature on
Google Canada. Both pieces turned out amazing, thanks to their patience and
willingness to give me access to these unique office spaces.
I hate?
Stepping on gum.
I love?
Spinning. For real.
Toronto Life. Esquire. The Walrus. Daily
Best place on earth?
Dinner guest?
Mark Zuckerberg. That man fascinates me…
My parents. They risked their lives by
escaping the Vietnam war just so I could have better opportunities. I will be
forever grateful.
Favourite app (or whatever you are
downloading these days)?

Pool or ocean?
Voicemail or email?
Email. I always forget to check