Rave: The lovely things about winter

Even though Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring, it seems as though winter is not giving up anytime soon. So, we’ve decided to embrace these last few snowy weeks and focus on what we love about winter.

Random strangers shovelling/blowing out your sidewalk and driveway.
There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, dreading that first snap of cold hitting your face as you head out to shovel, and discovering some early bird has already taken care of your patch of concrete for you. #payitforward

Sitting in a warm and cozy restaurant window at night, watching the snow fall outside. 
The trek to the restaurant might be filled with cold waits for the TTC and slushy sidewalks, but once you’re inside, it almost beats sitting out on a patio in the sun. A warm, dimly light room, delicious dinner and good conversation with someone you love to spend time with is a pretty kick-ass way to hang out indoors.

Bright, sunny skies with fresh white snow covering everything. 
The cold, grey days with fierce winds are the worst of winter, making us long for spring. But there is something pretty magical about waking up to a fluffy blanket of snow sparkling in the sun.

Hopefully you’ve rediscovered your inner kid and taken advantage of our killer snowfall this year by sliding down a hill on a toboggan, Crazy Carpet or even a plastic garbage bag. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a day outside. And burns a lot of calories.

Wearing layers. 
Whenever fall rolls around, we get pretty excited to layer on our cozy sweaters, jackets, boots and hats. Even by this point in the year, it`s still a great feeling to be wrapped up in a yummy, thick scarf.    

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Fashion-able: Stylish winter dates

During the summer, we chatted about some favourite stylish dates that were easy on the wallet. Since the holidays have come and gone, and our social calendars are looking a little more empty, we thought we’d share more thoughts about fun dates that will still let you pay off your credit card.

Get Outside!
Suck it up and embrace this long, cold winter. It will go by faster, and you’ll have fond memories of the times you spent outdoors. Fo’ realz.

Tobogganing – any big hill in the city!
There are strong debates about which hills are best for the crazy carpets, but whether east end or west end, this is one of the most fun daytime (or nighttime) winter activities. You’ll get some exercise, fresh air and have a great excuse to indulge in some boozy hot chocolate after.

High Park tobogganing, circa 1906-1910, from the torontoist.

Buy a crazy carpet for about $6, grab your posse and head out to the hills. It’s possibly more fun as an adult. More body weight means you zoom down that hill even faster. 

This is one of the coolest things in the city (well, in Etobicoke). An outdoor skating trail, not a rink, lets you enjoy the weather, snow and breeze from the lake. Gliding over the temperature-controlled curving trail is a more interesting than skating around in a circle at Nathan Phillips Square (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Grab your sweetheart and holds hands while you fly down the ice. 

Keep Warm
Ok, so sometimes you just don’t feel like “having fun” outside in the -21 degree blizzard. Fair enough. Here are some great ways to enjoy warmth and coziness inside.
In the east end of Toronto, there is a little gem of a bowling alley in the basement of a dingy building. Forget paying $37.50 for 30 minutes; Danforth Bowl is fun, casual and affordable. It’s basically like being transported back to 1997. There are funky lights, ‘N Sync on the CD player and bowls of free party mix on every table. And, get ready to whip out those rusty math skills – there’s good ol’ fashioned hand scoring. None of that fancy computer scoring stuff. 
It’s kind of like being in mom and dad’s basement. But with bowling. 
Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening somewhere with the slogan “Large or small you’ll have a ball – guaranteed!”? Sign us up.

The new TIFF headquarters is brilliant – lots of screens, a convenient downtown location and even a fairly inexpensive and delicious cafeteria. We’re impressed with their diverse roster of offerings so far. They’ve been playing everything from a retrospective on Mary Pickford and a screening of The Passion of Joan of Arc with a live orchestra, to the amazing Tim Burton show and a series of top 10 Canadian films. 
There is something for everyone, and what better way to pass a snowy day than by snuggling inside a movie theater with hot, buttery popcorn?  

For those with kids, this amazing indoor playground lets them run around and play while you catch a few minutes of quiet time. Amazon has the always-popular ball pit, climbing structures, swings and slides, as well as spots for kids to play dress up. There are also spots to eat snacks, couches for you to read magazines, and even summer day camps. 
It’s so much fun, you might even be inspired to jump into the ball pit with your mini-me. 

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