My ‘hood: Christina

By Christina
I live near Broadview subway station, which is right off the Danforth – home to some of the best restos in the city! There are many amazing places to nosh.

One of my favourites is 7 numbers. This spot is great for a cheap, big, authentic Italian meal. My fiance and I consider ourselves calamari connoisseurs, and this restaurant passes with flying colors!

The restaurant is charmingly loud, with eclectic furniture, paper table cloths and an enormous chalk-board menu. A tip for dining here: when ordering wine, be sure to ask for a wine glass or your Merlot will be delivered in a plastic cup!

The Danforth is also a great place to shop. Enter Tabula Rasa (745 Broadview Ave), my new favourite store, located steps away from my house (dangerous!).

The owner, Jennifer Park, is amazing at helping me select a new look from their wide selection of new (like Wayne Clark and Ports), vintage and reconstructed vintage pieces.

Here is a photo of  our client Noah Reid (Score: A Hockey Musical) and me in a last-minute purchase from Tabula Rasa. Score!

The D-forth is also home to the Carrot Common, a hybrid grocery store that sells health food, flowers, minerals, gourmet coffee and organic juice, massage products, books, plants, unique clothing and much more…

They also sell freshly squeezed juice and smoothies. Great place to stop by post-run for some hydration!

There you have it – the Danforth is a lot more than just Greektown. Come check out some of these hot spots. Maybe you’ll discover something new while you’re strolling around the east end.

Rave: My ‘hood: Christie Station

By Abby
I live near Christie Station, which is home to Christie Pits Park, Koreatown, Fiesta Farms and is just a quick jaunt from Honest Ed’s. It’s a pretty awesome part of Toronto to live in – close to The Annex, TTC and even close to cool stuff north of Bloor (who knew?).

One of my favourite places is this little Korean restaurant on the corner of Bloor and Clinton. It’s orange, and that’s how I let people know where to find it, since I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce the name, which is Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu (according to BlogTO).

Anyway, the service is quick and friendly, and the food is fantastic. It’s also pretty inexpensive – around $25 plus tip for two dinners and two drinks. The Bibimbap is delicious, and served piping hot. Fresh veggies (love the pickled daikon), beef and steaming hot rice, with a perfectly cooked fried egg perched on top make this an amazing one-bowl dinner. The stone bowl its served in is hot, so the rice gets crunchy midway through. I’m not a vegetarian, but will sometimes opt for the veggie version of this dish too. Yum.

Another great menu item is the bulgogi – beef served sizzling hot with onions and rice. I have a hard time deciding between the two – it usually has to do with how healthy I want to eat that night. The beef wins a lot.

I love the Korean condiments served with each meal – two kinds of spicy kimchee, pickled bean sprouts and soy beans in a sticky sweet soy sauce. My fiancé and I always get a bottle of the Korean liquor to go with, and leave the restaurant full, warm and slightly intoxicated by good food, smooth alcohol and great conversation.

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Rant: TTC etiquette

How to ride like a lady (or gent)

A subway car broke down while riding home last night and an irate man proceeded to scream at the concerned-looking TTC worker that he “sucked at his job”. Many, many times. Not cool.

We love our public transit. It delivers us to our bright and cheery Queen Street office, drinks at Sky Yard, and our Frisbee games at BMO Field. Sometimes, it’s not so reliable, but hey. They’re working on it. What we do have a beef with are TTC riders who ‘forget’ how to be good riders.

A few friendly reminders:

  • Give up your seat for the elderly, pregnant, frail or anyone who looks like they need a seat. C’mon. This is not a hard one. If you’re sitting on the outside seat, and the inside one is free, move over. We’re not going to climb over your knees.
  • Move back. Even if you are getting off at the next stop. They’ll wait for you to get off, promise. Be aware of your massive bag knocking people in the head, face, back, etc. Please, take your backpack off and put it at your feet. It’s like a whole other person when you’re wearing it.
  • If there’s a delay, don’t yell at the TTC workers. They probably aren’t personally responsible. They don’t want to hang around in the hot and smelly subway station while the door is being fixed any more than you do.
  • Say please. Say thanks. Smile!

If everyone followed these little rules, we could all sip our morning lattes in peace. 

P.S. Did you hear? Now, you can get TTC arrival times on your phone. Check this BlogTO article for deets.