Fave Five: Olympic Moments

That massive international competition where athletes of the world compete for shiny medals (also known as the Olympics) is now over. We’re bummed all the superhumans have left London, mostly because it means we no longer have an excuse to watch hours upon hours of television.
We’re still reminiscing, as we’re sure you are too. To start you off, here are
our five fave moments from the
London 2012 Olympics.

This guy can seriously do no wrong. Besides
the fact that he’s the fastest man in the world, he also created the Usain Bolt Foundation, which puts funding into athletics, schools and medical facilities in his home town of Trelawny, Jamaica. 

Closing Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony was interesting, to
say the least, but the closing one was basically a concert of British legends.
Obviously we died over the Spice Girls reunion, but a big shout out to Fatboy Slim and that inflatable octopus (can we have it at our next birthday party?), Ed Sheerhan for holding down Pink Floyd and of course, the always fabulous Annie Lennox

Props to Oscar Pistorius, the double
amputee from South Africa. Called the “Blade Runner” for his carbon fibre prosthetic legs, he was born without a fibula in both legs. Pistorius made history as the first double amputee to participate in the Olympics and has been recognized as one of the fastest sprinters in the world. 

Drunk Bottle Thrower
What’s the stupidest thing you could do at the 100-metre men’s final as the entire world is tuned in to see if Usain Bolt wins a gold medal? Throw a bottle onto the track, which is what this guy did. Did we mention he happened to be sitting next to a Dutch judo bronze medallist? Bolt still won the race, of course.
Olympic Volunteers
Of the 70,000 volunteers, some lucky Olympic-goer captured this one making the best of her experience. Sitting for hours on end trying to get a crowd excited for the games is not something we would take on, but she does it with ease and comedic genius.