Fashion-able: Fashion Week survival kit

World MasterCard Fashion Week is here. With it comes warmer weather, seeing lots of familiar faces and seeing lots and lots of inspiring shows. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh face at the tents, we have some tips on what to bring in your bag this week.
Snacks – It’s a major perk that David Pecaut Square is right in the heart of downtown, perched above a food court and across the street from a Starbucks. However, sometimes it’s just too crazy to step away (seriously). Come armed with a purse full of snacks.

Shoes – Biggest challenge for fashionable publicists? Sore feet. Bring multiple pairs of shoes, including a pair of flats for the end of the night. When we’re on our feet this much, sometimes it is function over fashion. With a good looking pair of function, of course.
Can you wear these for 12 hours straight? Didn’t think so.
Image source.
Foot Protection – No matter how often you change your footwear, after a week in your highest heels, you aren’t going to want to put them on come Friday. Give your feet a hand with cushioned inserts for the balls of your feet and special band-aids that cushion and heal blisters.

iPhone/Blackberry/Laptop Charger – Is there anything worse than live tweeting from an event and having your phone die? Or anything scarier than working from your laptop and having the low battery icon pop up? Leave the drama to the runway and make sure you throw your charger in your bag. Bonus points for an extra back-up battery.
Do you think she remembered her charger?
Image source.
Extra Tights/Nylons – It’s still March and nights will be chilly, so cover up your legs with tights or nylons. Bring an extra pair in case you catch a snag. In extreme emergency, run downstairs to the PATH and hope that Rexall has your size in stock (and appropriate cool colour/shade).

Vitamins – A fourth floor rule, start loading up on vitamins and supplements at least a week before a major event like fashion week. In addition to your multi-vitamin, try extra Vitamin C, echinacea and shots of wheatgrass. If you’re really serious, try intravenous micronutrient therapy.
Intense preparation.
Image source.

Makeup Kit – This may seem like a vain suggestion, but long days + photographers everywhere (clients first, of course!). Make sure you have everything on hand for anything from a quick touch-up to complete overhaul. Why not try beauty sponsor Maybelline’s long-wearing lip products, like the Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick or Super Stay 24 Color? Now’s the time to put them to the test.

What are you bringing to fashion week? Tweet your secrets for #WMCFW so we know who to ask when we realize we left something at home.
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