Fave 5: Spots for your locks

With an office of 10 girls, the topic of where to get your hair done tends to come up… a lot. From blow outs to colour maintenance, we all have our preferred salons and stylists that we are fiercely loyal to. Today we’re letting you in on our top five favourite spots to get our hair did. 

Best blow out 
For a quick and easy blow out, we’ve recently discovered Kristin at Doll Bar (thanks for the tip, Sweetspot)!  She is a professionally trained hair stylist (unlike some other blow dry salons) and you’re out the door in 30 minutes – which is almost unheard of in the land of blow outs.   

On Twitter:  @dollbarinc

Best hair cut 
For a cut, Barberella in Little Italy takes the title. Why? Because Tara Leigh, co-owner and stylist, is amazing at making really current, of-the-moment hair suggestions without compromising your personal style. She injects enough creativity into every cut that it’s always slightly different from what everyone else has. And, if you let her, she’ll push you to expand your boundaries and look outside your comfort zone.

On Twitter: @roxton

Best colour 
The fourth floor fave for hair colouring is Brennen Demelo Studio. We’ve had our locks tinted by Matthew and Justin, but their whole team is experienced and produce the most perfect hues. Their studio is centrally located in a loft on Adelaide and is a great place to relax and catch up on international fashion mags.  

On Twitter: @Bd_haircare

Best treatment 

When our hair starts feeling a little, let’s say ‘under the weather’ (read: crispy), we head for some hair TLC at W Lifestyle on Queen St. W. Their conditioning treatment leaves our hair feeling healthy and refreshed.  

Best updo

For a fancier affair or a night out on the town, we’ll visit Viv at ritual. She’s got mad updo skills and can do sleek or funky, whatever you’re looking for. Best of all, she teaches us along the way, so we can recreate the look ourselves in a pinch. 
On Twitter: @ritual2

Speaking of self-hair styling, we also have our own resident updo haristylist On The Fourth Floor. If you’re looking to save some $$, you can always follow her step-by-step Ballerina bun tutorial.