First jobs: Lisa

To continue our first jobs series, Lisa tells us all about the days she rocked the blue vest at Wal-Mart.

Lisa being silly.
It was August and I was 15 years old, enjoying my summer like any teenager. One day, my mom decided I should get a part-time job. She sat me down, and began looking through the newspaper for job postings. The next thing I knew, we were marching into Wal-Mart armed with a very sparse resume, and filling out an application. Before I knew it, my new wardrobe staple was that blue vest. I was Lisa the Cashier, and spent my days scanning everything from diapers to shovels to cat food. 
My favourite items to process were condoms and pregnancy tests, mainly for the look on the buyers’ faces – everyone was so embarrassed, which I thought was hilarious. Eventually I moved on up from cashier to courtesy desk associate. Even there, contraceptives seemed to be front and center. One time, a woman came to return a pair of shoes, but her gigantic purse was knocked over, and at least 20 condoms came pouring out. I remember she turned to her boyfriend and said “Crap, honey. I just dropped all the rubbers!” 
Not my store. But we did have big meetings like this from time to time.

Another time, I fell for a prank played by a bunch of kids. They asked me to page their friend to the front of the store, who’s name was Jackie Chan (this was right around the time Rush Hour 2 came out). I was suspicious, but thought to myself “what if his name actually is Jackie Chan? I guess I better page him.” So, my voice went over the loudspeaker: “Attention shoppers. Could Jackie Chan please come to register 7? That’s Jackie Chan to register 7.” The kids all burst out laughing. I felt like an idiot. 

Definitely not the Jackie Chan that I was paging.

I met some great people at Wal-Mart, between the weirdos and the actual work – not just confined to cash registers, I also helped out on the floor (toy section was my fave, I hated ladieswear), worked the layaway desk, and helped train new “associates” as we were called. Most of us were around the same age, so going to work was a lot of fun (though, I didn’t think so at the time. Ahhh, hindsight!) 

The girls would giggle, gossip and hang out on weekends, and we all had crushes on different boys who worked there. It was such a great time in my life, full of some really fond memories. Thanks for the good times, Wal-Mart!

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