City Living: Secret Walks

Whether you’re a Toronto veteran or a newbie to the city, you’ll have to agree that this is a pretty great city we live in. Exciting events, great food and shopping and festivals galore, but is it a great walking city? After reading our pick of under-the-radar walks, we think you’ll come to the conclusion that it indeed is.

Here’s a walk that probably goes against
all your instincts: City Hall. Boring! Grey! Eaton Centre on a weekend! But
hear us out – it’s here you’ll find City Hall Podium Green Roof. Enter the 2.4
km path from the ramp on the east side of Nathan Phillips Square and you’ll be
transported to a whole new Toronto (maybe where Rob Ford isn’t the mayor? One can wish). It only takes about half an hour to do the whole thing, so take your time and
smell the flowers.

You probably won’t find Rob Ford up here.
We’re not going to try to act all cool and knowledgeable like we were the first to know about this next Toronto trail, because honestly, we had no clue it existed until very recently. The West Toronto RailPath extends from Dundas St. (at Landsdowne Ave.) up to Dupont Ave., closely following the railroad. What’s nice about this path is that you feel like you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be – looking at the graffiti’d backs of buildings and empty lots. Check out some interesting architecture and buildings on Stirling Rd. and Perth Ave. and lust over the Wallace Station Lofts. Oh and you can go paintballing.
About as legally close to walking on train tracks as you can get. 

A forest in the GTA! Amid the sprawl of Scarborough lies Warden Woods, 85 acres of beautiful forested valley
along Massey Creek. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing and general frolicking allowed. This is a great option for those feeling like Trinity Bellwoods is getting a bit crowded (a.k.a. you see every single person you know within a 10 minute walk). Enter via car from Pharmacy Ave. just north of Danforth or walk five minutes from the Warden subway station at St.Clair Ave. E and Warden Ave. 

Yes, this exists in Toronto. 
Cabbagetown is filled with nooks and
crannies, and unless you live in the neighbourhood, it’s hard to know where the hidden gems are. 
We suggest starting on Spruce St. and
wandering east towards River St., across Geneva Ave., onto Sumach St. and into
postcard-worthy Gordon Sinclair Lane. At Sumach and Carlton is Riverdale Park.
Here lies Riverdale Farm (animals!) and Necropolis Cemetery (zombies!), one of
Toronto’s oldest cemeteries. Notable figures buried here include William Lyon Mackenzie, George
Brown (yes, he’s a real person) and Jack Layton. Also worth checking out is Wellesley Park at Wellesley St. E. and Amelia St. and the beautiful houses along
Winchester St., Salisbury Ave., Sackville St. and Dermott Pl. Finish this walk
off with 50 lattes from
Jet Fuel on
Parliament or dinner at
Daytime cemetery strolls? Yes please. 
Known to locals and Toronto history aficionados,
Wychwood Park is a private community at Bathurst and Davenport. Though open to
walk through, the streets and amenities (pond, tennis court) are paid for by
the residents. Originally founded as an artist colony in the late nineteenth
century, it has been home to notable Canadian figures, including
Marshall McLuhan. Stroll the trails, admire Taddle Creek and hope that one day
you too can afford to live here. Then head over to The Stockyards to drown your housing sorrows in some affordable and delicious fried chicken.  

It’s possible we could own a house in here someday, right?