Yum Yum: The best soups in Toronto

It’s time to start planning for ways to stay warm. Here on the fourth floor we’re also meal-obsessed, so what better way to kill two birds with one stone, than eat food and stay cozy while chewing…or slurping in this case. We surveyed and came up with a list of favourite soups all over the city.

For those on the southbound train:
Ravi Soups – 322 Adelaide St. W.
With the word “soup” in the title you pretty well know there’s going to be something for everyone. With ingredients like curried apricots, porcini mushrooms, truffle oil and kaffir lime, these are probably not the soups your grandma used to make. 

Caplansky’s –  356 College St.
Everyone loves the smoked meat sandwiches, of course, but we have a special place in our hearts for the chicken soup with matzoh balls. Rich, hearty and filling, it reminds us of what our bubbie used to make when we were younger. 

Cool Hand Luc – 545 King St. W.
If at first glance you think you’ve walked into an ice cream parlour, you would be correct. However, owner Luc is clever and figured that since it’s freezing half the year in Toronto, why not also serve soup (in addition to ice cream) during the winter months? With options like butternut squash, spicy black bean, and great white north bean stew, this is a spot we will be hitting up on a regular basis. 

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Le Gourmand – 152 Spadina Ave.
We’re fairly certain that Le Gourmand only makes delicious food (we have regular dreams about their chocolate chip cookies), and their chili is no exception. If you’re starving but are still in the mood for soup, this is the perfect option. 
Pho Hung –  350 Spadina Ave. 
This pick might generate a little controversy, but we consider it the best bowl of pho in town. Pho Hung is always busy, and the hustle, warm lights and big bowls of steaming broth, noodles,  barely-cooked beef and Vietnamese seasonings are a delicious way to spend a chilly afternoon. Plus, their spring rolls are some of the best in town.

Moving a little farther northbound:
Whole Foods (Hazelton Lanes) – 87 Avenue Rd.
If it’s variety you’re looking for, go no further than the pre-made food section at Whole Foods. Every time we go in we discover a new soup, but love that they always have a few of the traditional flavour
s available. Their soups are always delicious and there’s often a vegan option available.

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Patachou – 1120 Yonge St.
For some of the best french onion soup in town, head to Patachou, a French cafe/patisserie in the heart of Rosedale. While it’s hard to choose just one thing on the menu, we keep going back to the french onion for the great taste and seemingly never ending mount of cheese.

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Cafe Shu1073 Yonge St. (2nd Floor inside Totem Fitness)
A new neighbour to Patachou, Cafe Shu is a great option if you have dietary restrictions because of their creative options. All soups are created fresh daily and contain no dairy. Cafe Shu also supports local and organic suppliers and growers, which is always a bonus.

United Bakers Dairy Restaurant – 506 Lawrence Ave. W
You can tell by the title that you’re not going to find many dairy-free options here. We love that they offer classics like vegetable, barley bean, potato, beet and cabbage borscht, and a green split pea that is to die for. Located a bit north at Bathurst and Lawrence, we think it’s worth the trip.

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Fashion-able: Cold weather – Pour la tête

With temperatures dropping, we’re looking for new ways to keep our lids warm without looking too over-bundled or getting major hat head. We’ve found a bunch of head-warming options that are sure to keep us toasty and looking alright during the frosty Canadian winter.

One of our favourite lunchtime go-to’s is the new Joe Fresh at Queen and Portland.  Their Slouchy Knit Toque is an affordable $10 and an easy favourite for everyday wear. 

For staying cozy on weekend walks or heading up to the cottage, we’d choose this playful ASOS Multi Knit Hat ($29.23). A great mix of colour and texture, this toque that makes us want to get outside and start a snowball fight. 

For a daytime option that won’t tangle our tresses, we like this Urban Outfitters Braided Cable Knit Ear Warmer for $24.

When we’re hitting the town, we sometimes opt for a statement hat and this ASOS Leopard Faux Fur Cossack Hat ($22.84) is perfect for a night out. We’re super in to leopard anything right now.  

When the weather starts to get really cold, we reach for fur. This Rudsak Heloise fur knit hat ($50) is something we’d rock from the city to the slopes.

This Shopbop Fem Fedora Hat ($80) is as sexy as it is masculine.  It may look a little Carmen Sandiego but espionage is hot right now. We’d pair it with a chunky knit on those not-so-frigid sunny days.

The Twiggy by Rachel F ($315) is very man repeller (see yesterday’s post), but we love it. A combination of mink and wool and awesome.
The Tuque MTL ($80) is also by Rachel F. It’s striped and has a giant (removable) pom . What’s not to love, hipster?

If there is a little one in your life, it doesn’t get much cuter than this Children’s Rabbit Bomber Hat by Crowncap ($29.99). Practical but stylish – we say start ’em young. And if you hate the idea of sporting a hat, then go for ear muffs. They’re not as good at keeping you warm, but if you’re that vain about your lid, at least your ears won’t fall off (Gucci, $416.24). Yep, they’re not cheap, but you’ll be one of the few kids on the block sporting these beauties.

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