Yum, Yum: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Those who say “you can’t have it all” have never been to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, at 511 Bloor Street West. A cool snack mecca, Menchie’s offers fro-yo lovers over 100 rotating flavours to top with some 60 rotating toppings. Literally, you can have it all on your yogurt, if you want.

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At Menchies, some of the best combinations begin with mixing and matching. You grab your cup, and make a tough decision. You can fill it with chocolate espresso, coconut, vanilla latte, no-sugar-added boysenberry, low-carb angel food cake or dairy-free mango tango sorbet.

Next, sprinkle your yogurt with snack bar toppings, like peanut butter chips, Jelly Bellies, and m&m’s, the Chill Bar’s blueberries, cheesecake bits and mochi, or Hottie’s sauces in chocolate or caramel.

Menchie’s fans pay by weight, not per topping, so be sure to load up on fun fixings. There is no such thing as fro-yo with too many marshmallows.

After recovering from our latest PS. I Made This disaster venture, we were finally ready to take on another DIY project. We joined the ever-present line at Menchie’s, and began our yogurt dessert cup with a birthday cake and frozen hot chocolate base. To that, we added sprinkles, Oreo cookies, carob chips, strawberries and bananas.

Yes, we made it, we liked it and we ate it all.