Rave: How to get back up

If we learned anything from The Oscars (and our BFF J Law),
it’s that no matter
who you are,
everyone falls on their face sometimes. However, it isn’t always quite so literal. In our line of work we see all kinds of falls
and blunders and part of our job is to help you pick yourself up with the most
grace and least damage – to you and your reputation. We’ve got a couple simple
pieces of advice to help you recover from your next fall (psst, the fall is a

Plan ahead

The best defense is a good offense. It is wise to always have a contingency plan
in place, should things go wrong.

Be Quick

Alright, you can’t plan for everything. However, don’t wait for somebody else to
notice your mistake before you take action. 
As soon as you see a mistake
or an issue, it’s time to spring into problem-solving mode. In the PR world, we
say the first 48 hours of a crisis are crucial – you’ll want to get ahead of it before
it gets ahead of you.
Get Real

It’s cool man, everyone makes mistakes, but no situation will
be made better by lying about it.  It’s
time to appeal to people’s humanity – it is easier to forgive a mistake than a
mistake and a lie. Communication is
key! Angry people are often confused people. Clarify what the mess is and how you’ll clean it up.

Have a support system

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Depending on the situation,
a good friend, a solid PR team (ahem), or in Jennifer Lawrence’s case, two of
the sexiest men alive can help back you up or see a solution you may not.

Learn from your mistakes

Seize the moment; it is an opportunity. Sure, nobody loves
making a mistake but it is certainly a way to learn. There are very few
memories as palpable as ones full of embarrassment or guilt, and while
that sucks, it can keep history from repeating itself.