Fave drink of the summer: the Caipirinha

We’re known to indulge in some tasty cocktails from time to time (responsibly, of course!), and nothing is better than discovering a new bevvie.  

Here’s one of our faves for summer 2010. 


Refreshing, lime-y and slightly sweet. Best to drink immediately, in the sun, with reggae beats in the background and besties all around. 

2 oz. rum (preferably amber)
½ a lime, cut into wedges
2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar, depending on how sweet you like it
splash of soda water
2 to 3 berries

In a heavy bottomed glass, muddle sugar and limes until broken up. Add rum, crushed ice and top up with soda water. Drop in berries and bottoms up!

Don’t have a stylish muddle in your cupboards?  Check out this pretty one from Drake General Store. So pretty, in fact, it would look lovely sitting out in any kitchen.

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