Fashion-able: Fall beauty, naturally

Here on the fourth floor we are
digging fall. Feeling good layering plush sweaters with soft leathers,
bringing cozy patterned and knit scarves back into rotation and adding comfort
and class to any look with our favourite boots (we love Rudsak‘s luxurious leather selection).

While we’re always watching the
runways to stay on top of fall fashion must haves (texture, shine and wine hues
are big this year – look for brocades, rivets and leather trimmed items) we
never forget the importance of putting our best face forward.

Fall runways featured vampy lips,
bright jewel hues and graphic eyeliner, but the biggest trend of all? Raw
natural beauty. Below we share our secrets, direct from an office full of
women, to getting the natural healthy glow that is so now and how to sport
other trendy makeup looks without looking like you’ve been unfavourably cast in
a Reitmans commercial.

The Natural Look:

We love Bette Franke looking naturally beautiful for Balmain. 
Image Sources: Face, Runway

The goal here is to look healthy
and youthful. The
basic rules of natural makeup still apply; numero uno: look like you’re wearing
none. Trending this season are big brows and barely there blush.

Brows: If you’re like us, you’ve been growing out your brows for a while now. However, even if you haven’t,
or if you’re stuck with sparse ones, don’t fear. A little eye shadow or a
brow pencil can help. To keep it looking natural resist the temptation to
overdo it and opt for a shade slightly darker than your hair colour.

Eyes: If you’re like us and live by
the motto ‘work hard, play harder’ you probably want to start with concealer to
brighten up the area around the eye and reduce the dark circles that sometimes creep up there. Sweep a neutral powder (close in colour to your skin tone) from
eyelid to brow bone and blend a brown toned shadow into your crease. Stay on
trend by selecting a brown with hints of bronze, gold or burgundy. Avoid liner.
To open up the eyes press black eye shadow into the outer half of the upper
lash line. Finish with mascara (for longer lashes sans mascara, try Peptalash).

Cheeks: Sable tinted blushes are
great with fall colours, but when selecting your blush, work off your lip colour
and skin tone. Most important here is blending. When you are done, there should
be a hint of colour on your cheekbones, like you’ve just returned from a crisp
fall hike.

Lips: Three signs of healthy,
youthful lips are fullness, colour and smoothness. It’s easy to keep your lips
smooth by applying a balm every night before bed. A lip stain or tinted gloss
can easily add a healthy touch of colour. Stick to natural red, pink and coral tones and veer away from mauve, magenta and really any purple hues. If you’re not endowed with big
smackers, a gloss or lipstick close to your skin tone is your best bet for
faking fullness. Select a matte nude lipstick to max out your pucker.

Skin: Smooth, even porcelain skin is super hot this fall. If you fear looking pasty (though we say, rock the pale), a bit of well-blended bronzer on the “3” zone looks lovely. The best
tip for good skin is the same as ever: wash your face every night (we loooove
Consonant’s Organic Foaming Face Wash!).

Complete the look: Braids, sleek side parts and tousled boho hair are big again this season. When it comes to nails anything goes so don’t be afraid to go long, short, pointed, square, bright or neutral (just stay away from the gel French manicure – try a reverse French manicure instead).

Vampy Lips:

While the heavy eyes and lips look great here, keep your eyes neutral for real life wear.
Image sources (clockwise from top left): light eyes, dark eyes, Fox, Bosworth

Deep red is huge this year! On the runway we saw bold, rich red lips take on a Gothic form: pale skin and bleached out eyes and brows paired with black-reds created an interesting bold-yet-fragile look. In addition to the Gothic look, this season’s beauty editorials also feature a daring combination of dark smoky eyes, bronzed skin and burgundy or Bordeaux lips. Deep red lips can absolutely be worked into daily life, but when in the office instead of on the runway avoid extremes in eye shadow. Stay on trend by keeping the peaks of your lips slightly rounded. Tip: buy a lip brush! It will make all the difference in application.

Jewel Hues:

Get inspired by these bold jewel tones, but wear them in a way that isn’t over powering.
Image sources (clockwise from upper left): ruby, sapphire, amethyst and amberMcAdamsOlsen, Bell 

Many designers paired this season’s powerful prints and colour blocking with bright emerald, sapphire, amethyst, amber and ruby shadows. We love that it’s cool to express yourself through colour like fashion divas Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry but we like to keep it cool in the office with subtle hints of colour that highlight either the upper or lower lash line or crease, but don’t dominate. Remember to keep the lips neutral when playing up the eyes

Graphic Eyeliner:

Graphic designs inspire unique liner looks this fall.
Image sources (clockwise from upper left): linear, cat, graphic, artsy, Adele, Swift

Think of the trends you’ve seen in colour blocking and nail art but in beauty! Let your artistic side out with intricate liner detailing. For the slightly-less-steady of hand try cat eyes a la Taylor Swift or other blocky, punk or retro (think Adele), inspired liner designs. Once again, tone it down for the office (and don’t be discouraged if you can’t match the best beauty editorials – Photoshop helps a lot).

Under Eye Shadow:

This look is not for the timid!
Image source (clockwise from upper left): white and black swipes, liner, shadow

Seen most recently at London’s s/s 2013 fashion week, bold eyeliner and shadows under the eye are our new favourite trend. Nothing says you’re confident in your looks like purposely adding to the shadows under your eyes. To get the look simply add black shadow or Khol liner to the natural look described above. Warning: must be worn with confidence. That’s where true beauty lies anyway.